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Wider Curriculum Overview

Wider Curriculum

It is Albert Einstein who is attributed as saying the famous dictum that ‘Education is what remains when what has been learnt has been forgotten’ emphasising that education is not something that you learn behind closed doors but rather is something you acquire by living the experiences.

The Wider Curriculum has traditionally been one of the main pillars upon which a Leysian education is built and is an integral part of the school week for all pupils, with a significant amount of time in the afternoons and early evenings devoted to it. In their time at The Leys, pupils are actively encouraged to experience a broad range of activities that will bring a wide range of benefits to them. They should offer great enjoyment and fun as well as enable all pupils to identify areas of activity in which they can achieve success and grow in confidence. Indeed, the Wider Curriculum aspires to offer a benefit led programme that is inclusive and provides opportunity, participation, variety and depth, and gives pupils the opportunity to participate and feel good at something they enjoy. In addition to this, excellence is important and pupils with the potential to achieve it should be given that opportunity.

Whatever their choices of activity, we believe that the quality and breadth of the wider curriculum is important because:

  1. It is fun and pupils enjoy undertaking these pursuits with their friends
  2. They enable the pupils to develop a breadth of interests, life skills, personal qualities, experiences and attitudes that are transferable to other areas of their life at school and beyond

What we hope to work towards is to create balanced, happy and rounded human beings; yes we want them to have achieved academically and in other areas at the very top of their potential, but they also need personal qualities and soft skills including resilience and determination; self-belief; curiosity, creativity; patience, articulacy; manners, integrity and humility, mindfulness; leadership and the ability to work with other people; measured risk-taking; flexibility and perseverance; time management, and – importantly – a ready smile. Of significant value is the notion of teamwork and putting others first through various pursuits as well as experiencing how hard work can yield very good results. Moreover, the programme actively encourages a healthy, active lifestyle and supports the pupils’ physical and emotional well-being. Furthermore, being fully engaged in a vibrant activities programme helps the pupils to develop important time and study management skills that can complement academic success. Equally, success in the wider curriculum builds self-confidence, determination and resilience which can be transferred to other areas of life, in and out of school. The fact that such qualities are less easy to measure than pure academic achievement does not mean they are less important educational objectives; not if we are to enable our pupils to enter the adult world excited – rather than daunted – by the challenges that lie ahead.

Central to the operation of the Wider Curriculum is the pastoral management of the pupils and being aware of their welfare and well-being. Therefore, the tutor, housemaster/mistress and Director of the Wider Curriculum (DWC) will work together to guide, advise and encourage pupils to pursue a healthy, sustainable programme of activities that complements their academic studies and overall physical and mental well-being.

Through these pages we hope that you will get a feel for the offering available in the performance arts, sport, outdoor pursuits, CCF, Duke of Edinburgh, STEM and after school activities programme.

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