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Boarding at The Leys

Boarding at The Leys

The majority of Leysians are boarders and while they live in one House, school-wide activities will find them mixing throughout the day in lessons, sport, after-school activities and social time, ensuring school friendships are widespread.

The Leys campus thrives on community life, each House having a strong sense of identity and unity, yet healthy inter-house competition enriches the pattern of daily life, especially in the sporting, arts and debating fora. The boarding day starts at 7:30 am with breakfast; at 6:00 pm boarders have supper then return to their House for evening prep, and participate in a wide range of evening activities on campus.

Boarding at The Leys

Boarding Houses

Boys’ Houses

North A (ages 13-18)School (ages 13-18)West (ages 13-18)East (ages 16-18)

Girls’ Houses

Dale (ages 13-18)Fen (ages 13-18)Granta (ages 16-18)

Junior House

Moulton (ages 11-13)

Boarding Principles

The aims of Boarding at The Leys School are:

  • Within our House system, to make sure that every pupil feels part of that community; valued as an individual, supported, encouraged, understood and properly and safely looked after by appropriate adults at all times.
  • For every pupil to feel safe and secure in their House environment and for their rights to privacy, warmth, food, comfort and rest to be reasonably met. There should be tolerance and acceptance of individuality and difference, with no discrimination as regards age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religious beliefs. and sexuality. Bullying is to be dealt with swiftly and firmly, offering support to both the bullied and the bully.
  • To ensure that each pupil comprehends and follows a system of communal rules and regulations which allows everyone to live happily side by side in the knowledge that decent values are being promoted – honesty, respect, unselfishness, reliance, whilst working in a team of both pupils and adults.
  • To ensure as far as possible that our pupils will grow through this system to be well-balanced, independent young adults, having learnt to work with and for others, in a socially responsible manner.


Inter-House Events

There are many inter-house competitions, ranging from sport to house singing (the famous ‘House Shout’ at the end of the Christmas term) to Chemistry, debating and the inter-house quiz. Inter-house sports take place every half term and range from indoor sports such as football, to swimming, to athletics. The idea is to have fun and relaxation whilst representing the House. It’s great to win, but part of the fun is making new friendships and sharing experiences whilst competing.
There are also many other activities and societies on offer at The Leys and pupils should not be afraid of trying some, especially in the periods before supper. Boarders are expected to attend at least three different activities per week.


Heads of House

The Head of House is a very important senior member of each Boarding House. He/she is responsible for the House Prefects and is the main person to communicate general matters concerning the House to the Housemaster/mistress (Hsms as we call them). The Head of House is chosen because they relate well to other members of the House and because they care about the welfare of others. The prefects are supported by a Deputy Head of House and sub-prefects.

Further to this there is a team of prefects who are elected each year by members of staff and fellow pupils.

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Home Boarding

Some pupils at The Leys take advantage of our 'home boarding' facility where pupils sleep at home yet participate fully in daily school life.

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The Leys is primarily a boarding school and, like most boarding schools, we operate a six day school week. Saturday is a normal school day for all pupils, including those in Years 7 and 8.

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Here at The Leys we recognise the importance of a good balanced diet to support the growth and development of the pupils. Breakfast, lunch and supper are served in our Dining Hall.

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