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What happens at weekends?

The Leys is primarily a boarding school and, like most boarding schools, we operate a six day school week. Saturday is a normal school day for all pupils, including those in Years 7 and 8: four academic lessons take place in the morning and thereafter, all pupils in Years 9 through to Upper Sixth have sporting commitments after lunch.

There is plenty going on at weekends and a high proportion of our pupils choose to stay where they are able to benefit from access the School’s facilities such as the Sports Hall and swimming pool. On Saturday evenings there are activities organised in school which might be arranged by the pupils themselves (e.g. a house film night), or with the member of staff on duty in the house. There are opportunities for pupils to go into Cambridge itself so they can benefit from the school’s central location in one of the world’s most vibrant and beautiful cities. There are designated times for these visits (by year group) and the school ensures that pupils are either supervised by a member of staff or, for those in Year 9 and above, they are permitted to go into Cambridge in small groups or in pairs.

On some Sundays there will be a Chapel Service (dates are advertised in the school calendar), but on other Sundays boarders are offered an informal brunch which is served at 10.50 a.m. and this means that everyone gets a well-deserved lie-in. All boarders and home boarders are expected to attend School and House Chapel services. Pupils who belong to a different religion or faith are welcome to visit other churches or religious centres in Cambridge (with the usual permission). There are also some Sundays when boarding pupils will be offered additional day trips.

Leave Weekends

The Leys prides itself on its modern and family-friendly approach to boarding. Though many choose to stay here for the weekend, pupils may choose to go home on Saturday afternoon or evening once they have fulfilled all their school commitments, including their extra-curricular commitments, and providing they fulfil their obligation to attend Chapel Services as outlined above.

Additionally, there are two leave weekends in the Autumn term, one in the Lent term and one in the Summer term. On leave weekends pupils are free to leave once lessons have finished on Friday and they return to school on Sunday evening. For the summer May Bank Holiday weekend, pupils can leave school from 12:30 p.m. on the Saturday and boarders return to school on the Monday evening.

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