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Fees and Bursaries

Fees and Bursaries

The Leys is committed to broadening access to the School by offering means-tested financial support to help parents with the payment of School fees. Such support is known as a Bursary and is awarded in the form of a discount on the fees. The value of the Bursary can be from 5% to 100% depending on financial, compassionate and other pertinent circumstances.

Assistance is offered to new applicants to the school and also to existing families where there is a change in financial circumstances. The School has a limited amount of funds available for Bursaries and seeks to allocate the funds to assist as many families as possible.

Please note that parents of new pupils who wish to apply for a Bursary must do so before their son or daughter is assessed for entry to the school.

For further information about the process, please contact the Finance Bursar, Mrs Mary Cooksey on +44 (0)1223 508909 or [email protected]

Guidance on Means-Tested Bursaries

School Fees

The current Entrance Fee for The Leys is £100 which is payable at Registration and is non-refundable.

For pupils registering for Year 9 entry: candidates will also be required to pay an additional £600 Entry Fee. This will be requested in the July before the year of entry and, should an offer of a place be made, it will be held against the pupil’s final account and refunded when they leave the School. Should a candidate fail to reach the required standard for admission to The Leys, this fee will be refunded. Applications received after July will be required to pay the £100 Registration Fee and the £600 Entry Fee together.

Board & Tuition (From September 2022)

Boarders £37,740 per year £12,580 per term
Home Boarders £28,395 per year £9,465 per term
Day Pupils £25,260 per year £8,420 per term


Boarders £27,525 per year £9,175 per term
Day Pupils £18,240 per year £6,080 per term


Caution Money

Parents whose permanent residence is outside the EC will be required to deposit a full term’s fee less the Entry Fee in addition to the fees for the first term, unless they have paid fees in advance. This payment, which is held against the pupil’s final account, is a precaution against international exchange difficulties and is a requirement of most independent schools.

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Entrance Assessments

Candidates who wish to be considered for entry to The Leys must complete an assessment.

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