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St Faith’s Preliminary Assessment

St Faith's Preliminary Assessment

St Faith’s is part of The Leys and St Faith’s Schools Foundation. The Leys offers Year 6 pupils at St Faith’s the opportunity to secure a Year 9 place by means of the Preliminary Assessment (PA). Subject to continued satisfactory performance, this secures a place two years early; St Faith’s is the only school to benefit from this arrangement. The families of candidates must complete our Application Form and pay the required fee by the deadline.

St Faith’s pupils are still able to take The Leys entrance tests in Year 8 if they wish to, or if they join St Faith’s after Year 6. Furthermore, if a pupil is unsuccessful in the Preliminary Assessment, this does not preclude them from taking the tests again in Year 8.

The Preliminary Assessment is taken at St Faith’s in the January two years prior to entry.

Offers will be made by the middle of February.


St Faith's PA Timeline 2027

Categories of Place

Pupils from St Faith’s are able to apply for all three categories of place at The Leys. All pupils, whether Boarding, Home Boarding or Day, are involved in the programme of Wider Curricular activities in the early evening, are in school on Saturdays (lessons in the morning and sport in the afternoon) and for the Whole School Service on some Sundays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tests do the pupils take?

The PA test consists of a Maths paper and an English paper (Comprehension and Creative Writing).

How long is each test?

English is 60 minutes, Maths is 45 minutes.

How many places are available in each category?

There are 48 places for those sitting the PA. The number of places available for direct Year 9 entry will vary from year to year, but we have a total intake of 105 in this year group.

Is there a pass mark and what is it?

No, there is not a pass mark. We do need to be confident, however, that candidates will be able to manage the curriculum at The Leys.

Do we need to register again if we are not offered a place?

No. If your son or daughter is not offered a place from the PA, then there is another opportunity to take the Leys Entrance Test in the January preceding the
September of entry. There will be an opportunity to discuss this with a member of the Admissions team.

Can I change category? If so, what are my options?

Once a place is accepted, it is very difficult to change categories as places will be very limited. We advise that when you register you give us a first and second choice of category. This will give us more flexibility when it comes to offering a place.

When do we receive the test results?

The tests are taken in January and places are offered in early February.

Are offers solely based on test results?

A number of factors are taken into account. The test results are a significant factor but we also look at the school reference and other factors, such as family
links with the school, for example.

Do children have an interview?

Children do not have interviews as part of the general application process. However, interviews are required for scholarships.

Once offered a place, can you lose it?


Where and when does the PA take place?

The PA takes place at St. Faith’s in January two years prior to entry.

Is there an opportunity to apply for a scholarship?

We do offer Scholarships at 13+ entry. The scholarship assessments and interviews take place about a week after the entrance tests (mid-January). We offer
Academic Scholarships as well as Scholarships in Art, Drama, Music Sport and STEM. Those who perform particularly well in the PA test are invited back to
The Leys for interviews for the Foundation (Academic) Scholarship. This comes into effect when the pupil joins The Leys in Year 9, provided s/he remains in The Foundation in the interim.

When are houses chosen?

Houses are allocated by The Leys in the March preceding the September of entry. Requests for a House can be made during the application process, but this is at the Headmaster’s discretion and is dependent on availability.

What if there are specific accessibility needs for my child?

These should be notified to The Leys and, as long as they meet exam board criteria, every effort will be made to accommodate the child’s needs.

Are there any past papers available?

There are exemplars of Leys Entrance Test papers available on the website, but past papers are not issued.

What happens if my child is ill?

We will do our best to make arrangements for an alternative day.

What information does St. Faith’s provide to The Leys?

St. Faith’s supplies The Leys with a general reference and a scholarship reference, dependent upon which is relevant.

Is there a sibling policy?

We do take this into account but siblings would have to reach the required academic level.

Sample Papers

English Preliminary Assessment - Section AEnglish Preliminary Assessment - Section BMaths Preliminary Assessment

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