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Agent Information

Agent Information

The Leys works with educational agents from around the world.


Working with the Leys

In order for a candidate to be considered, agencies must first be registered with The Leys. Agencies would be asked to complete an Agency Application Form in the first instance, which can be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office.

We will require three references from schools with whom the agent is currently working. Please note that we do not accept references from language schools. Once we have received the references, we will issue a formal Agency Agreement which will need to be signed and retuned in order to complete the process. All agency agreements are reviewed annually.


Introducing a Pupil to The Leys

All correspondence relating to international admissions should be directed to the Admissions office by email. The subject of the email should include the candidate’s name, date of birth, year group (i.e. Year7, Year 9 or Lower Sixth) and the year of entry.

The initial email should include the following information where applicable:

  1. Candidate’s full name (including English name if known).
  2. Candidate’s date of birth.
  3. Candidate’s nationality.
  4. Name and address of candidate’s current school.
  5. Candidate’s most recent school report.
  6. Notes of the agent’s interview with the candidate.
  7. Whether the candidate is currently taking GCSEs/iGCSEs.
  8. Whether the candidate has already taken a UKiset test – please include a copy of the report if this is the case.
  9. Details of proposed A Level subjects to be studied (Lower Sixth candidates only).

Please encourage all prospective parents to visit this website and come to the School for a private visit or Open Morning. On accepting a place here, a commission fee of 10% of the first year’s fees will be paid in termly instalments for one year only.

Please note that the payment of 10% is of the actual monies paid and will take into account any discounts for early payment by the family etc.

If a sibling is subsequently introduced to the School, there will be a reduction of 50% in the commission fee paid.


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Entrance Assessments

Candidates who wish to be considered for entry to The Leys must complete an assessment.

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Our International Community

In any given year between 15% and 20% of our pupils come from overseas, adding a valuable cosmopolitan dimension to everyday life.

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To apply for a place at The Leys, please complete the Online Registration Form below.

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