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Further Education

Further Education

All Sixth Formers meet regularly with their Tutor who, for the two years in the Sixth Form, is responsible for advising, monitoring progress and helping pupils to make full use of School resources.

The Tutor will help tutees with study and time management skills, and be central (along with the Head of Sixth Form Studies) to directing the UCAS procedure. In addition, Sixth Formers have easy access to the Director of Studies, the Careers Department, their teachers and their Housemaster or Housemistress.

Careers advice and the UCAS application procedure are delivered through a combination of tutorial advice, the PSHE programme, and direct support from the Careers Department and Head of Sixth Form. An individual interview is organised for all pupils in order for them to meet with a member of the Careers Team during the Autumn or Lent term. At this stage, they will at this stage be encouraged to investigate options in their preferred academic areas.

Pupils regularly gain places at universities with demanding entry requirements.
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There are several computer-based facilities in the well resourced Careers Area, which enable pupils to research their areas of interest independently. Additionally, they will be kept informed of Careers Experience Courses or Conferences, Scholarships and Bursaries, Work Experience opportunities and other challenges that will give them insight into areas that they find to be of interest to them. Throughout the year guest speakers, representing a variety of professions, will visit the school in order to offer pupils advice and a greater understanding with regard to specific careers.


Careers Forum

The Careers Department organises a Careers Forum for the Lower Sixth during the Lent term, at which pupils have the opportunity to find out more about a number of different careers. At this Forum speakers give brief talks to groups about their careers, followed by a discussion session. There is also a display of stands provided by around 40 local employers and gap year organisations.


Higher Education

The Head of Sixth Form oversees the university admission procedures and provides advice on careers and universities. The UCAS procedure begins in the Lower Sixth.

During the Lent and Summer terms pupils are encouraged to attend University Open Days and they can make up to two visits per term. Potential Oxbridge candidates are reviewed during the Lower Sixth and trips to conferences and colleges are made during the Lent and Summer term.

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Subject Choices

Most pupils choose three A Level subjects, with all external exams taken at the end of the Upper Sixth.

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There is no doubt that a place at Oxford or Cambridge is very highly prized.

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International Universities

Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the number of Leysians exploring university options beyond the United Kingdom.

International Universities