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Junior Science

The programme consists of a sequence of discrete units, each with a focus on a different and challenging area of science, incorporating elements of the Physical, Chemical and Biological sciences. The course is designed so that all pupils can be successful in ‘discovering’ science and to assist them in the development of scientific reasoning. Pupils explore scientific concepts through practical tasks, demonstrations and research activities. By encouraging careful observation and promoting active investigation, pupils collect data and facts; ideas are then shared and communicated using scientific language, drawings, charts and tables. Pupils are encouraged to work both independently and collaboratively on developing secure subject knowledge, investigative skills and scientific vocabulary. End of unit tests form the basis of assessment, together with an end of year examination.

Junior Science Club, which takes place during afternoon activity slots periodically throughout the year, aims to stimulate and challenge pupils further by fuelling their natural curiosity and allowing them to make discoveries and solve real scientific questions.

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Academic Overview

A Leys Education is one which is built firmly on three main foundations; Academic, Pastoral and Wider Curriculum.

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Curriculum Information

An overview of the curriculum taught at The Leys.

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Teaching and Learning

We are fortunate at The Leys to have a thriving and diverse Academic Enrichment programme which is growing and developing all the time.

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