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Competition is stiffer than ever now, but a place is certainly within the reach of those who demonstrate intellectual rigour, a capacity for hard work and an ability to think critically and independently. Those thinking of applying to Oxbridge should have excellent GCSE results (normally all 8s and 9s) and show the potential to go on to achieve 3 A/A* grades at A level. They must be highly motivated and passionate about their subject and be academic leaders.

Preparation begins in the Lower Sixth, where from Lent Term we offer a range of activities aimed at extending academic knowledge beyond the A level syllabus. Attendance at these is highly recommended so that candidates can fully embrace the challenge ahead. The Summer Term of the Lower Sixth provides the ideal time for candidates to spend time considering appropriate colleges and to start to focus on individual research and reading and to begin the preparation of the personal statement. There are also a number of Open Days at this time which are recommended and can help candidates in their choice of University and College.

By the start of the Upper Sixth, candidates should be already well versed with any Admissions Tests they may face, having studied over the summer. Classes will be offered in school to assist in preparation for these tests during the Autumn Term, and those who are invited to interview will further be assisted with a range of mock interviews. Should any candidates be required to sit an Admissions Test in the Summer alongside their A level exams (such as STEP Mathematics), they will be offered additional classes throughout the preceding Lent and Summer Terms.

All preparation, from the start of the Lower Sixth through to final exams in the Upper Sixth, is overseen by our Head of Oxbridge Admissions, Mrs Emily Shortland, and our Deputy Head of Oxbridge Admissions, Dr Lorna Ayton.

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