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Personal Development and Leadership

Personal Development and Leadership

As part of the Wider Curriculum, pupils in Year 10, 11 and Lower Sixth undertake the Personal Development, Service and Leadership Scheme on Wednesday afternoons. Over the three year period this aims to:

  1. To develop the self-confidence and leadership skills of pupils through a range of activities
  2. To encourage pupils to develop interests and skills that will benefit them at school and beyond
  3. To provide service in the community
  4. To support our pupils in the completion of the Duke of Edinburgh award

The scheme incorporates the CCF as well as the opportunity to take part in our flagship volunteering scheme or examine the sustainable development goals.

Through the volunteering option pupils undertake activities in the local area that benefit the community, for example volunteering in charity shops, hospitals and care homes, local schools or an environmental scheme.

Personal Development, Service and Leadership Scheme

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Sport is a crucial element of the educational experience we offer at The Leys.

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Combined Cadet Force

Every Wednesday afternoon a programme of CCF is undertaken for pupils in Year 10, 11 and the Sixth Form

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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aims to provide pupils with an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development, which is of the highest quality and the widest reach.

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