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Entry at Year 9

Entry at Year 9 (13+)

Candidates registered for entry to Year 9 will be tested in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning in January of the year of entry. The English and Mathematics tests will be broadly in line with the National Curriculum. Early notification is requested if any individual is unable to attend on the specified test date, or if the candidate requires special access arrangements.

Pupils from St Faith’s are able to take a pre-assessment two years prior to entry. For more information, please see here.

Please note that no offer can be made until a report has been obtained from the candidate’s previous school. No report will be requested without the consent of parents.

Candidates must be registered before sitting the test.

Mathematics Paper

The syllabus content for the Entrance Examination at 13+ will be based upon the appropriate parts of the National Curriculum Key Stage 3.

At Entrance for 13+, candidates will be required to work a 60 minute non-calculator paper. Candidates should bring a pen, pencil, rubber and ruler.

English Paper

The assessment for English will be based on a 60 minute paper testing comprehension skills, written accuracy and fluency of writing.

Section A – Comprehension

The paper will consist of a fictional extract, appropriate in language and style for the age range, followed by questions. These will range from the straightforward to the more testing.

These may include:

  • straightforward, factual questions;
  • more open-ended questions involving reasoning, opinion or prediction based on the information given;
  • tests of vocabulary in context;
  • questions assuming an understanding of parts of speech, punctuation and syntax;
  • opportunities to discuss how or why a writer is using language in a particular way.

Section B – Writing

This will offer the candidates the chance to write a story (or part of one), or a description, letter or some equivalent piece of writing. All tasks will be thematically related to, or arising from, the passage given. It is hoped the candidates will be able to demonstrate their abilities by writing in an accurate, detailed and lively way.

Verbal Reasoning

No special preparation is required and candidates will be provided with a specimen paper prior to taking the tests.

Year 9 Mathematics Specimen PaperYear 9 English Specimen Paper

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Entrance Assessments

Candidates who wish to be considered for entry to The Leys must complete an assessment.

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The Leys is committed to broadening access to the School by offering means-tested financial support to help parents with the payment of School fees. Such support is known as a Bursary and is awarded in the form of a discount on the fees.

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