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Bisseker House

Bisseker House

Co-Educational Day House for Years 9-13

Bisseker was founded in September 2005. The House is named after Harry ‘W.G.’ Bisseker, Headmaster of The Leys between 1919 and 1934. We are situated on the top floor of the ‘North B’ building, so we get wonderful views and are also very fit since we spend a lot of our lives walking up and down stairs!

  • Housemaster: Mr Damien Rigden

The facilities of the house include a common room, work room, kitchen and changing rooms. There are also two Sixth Form common rooms in the ‘North B’ building. Each pupil has their own lockers to store both their books and their Games kit in.

Bisseker has quickly established itself as a friendly and committed House. It is very easy for boys and girls from different age groups to mix together and we are proud of the way everyone gets along and supports each other. There is certainly a great atmosphere in Bisseker!

Members of Bisseker play an important role all over the school, in all the main sports teams, drama productions and societies. We have a healthy rivalry with the other Houses, in particular the other two Day Houses, and we take part in as many inter-house competitions as possible. A Highlight is the House Shout in which Bisseker has made it to the top three on two occasions and actually won in 2013!

Mr Rigden is a Games teacher and can be contacted by email or on 01223 518812/8988.

Ever since joining Bisseker in Year 9, I have enjoyed the flexibility of being a day pupil as I can still be very involved in all areas of school life. B House is a tight-knit community with great relations between all years and ages and has the atmosphere of one house, despite being split into three.
(Edward - LVI)
Being a day pupil at The Leys for me has meant I can thoroughly enjoy all that The Leys has to offer; while still being able to relax and unwind at home. This has given me a sense of freedom other houses do not offer. Alongside making lifelong friendships, the staff within the Day Houses make a conscious effort to make you feel at home, and this is something I will always be extremely grateful for.
(Emma-Kate - LVI)
Life in Bisseker is great. I have an amazing housemaster, an enjoyable atmosphere and really good fun!
(Ben - Year 9)

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