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Technical Information

Technical Information

This information is intended for visiting productions to The Leys.

The information contained herein should be read in conjunction with the Theatre Hire Terms & Conditions (available by request and with the Booking Contract). Unless stated to the contrary, all equipment and facilities listed in the Technical Specification will be made available in accordance with the Standard Terms (subject to unexpected equipment failure or other circumstances beyond the control of the School).

For the avoidance of problems at the venue, all plans / schedules should be provided to the Theatre Manager at least 14 days in advance, including a Production Risk Assessment and Construction Plan (if appropriate).


Sustainable Productions

You are strongly encouraged to read the “Theatre Green Book” (available free here) and to make every effort to follow the suggested ‘baseline’ requirements of Sustainable Productions. Your whole production team should engage with this from the start of the planning process.


Great Hall Technical Information

We may update this information at any time without notice. Please check back here before every production for the latest details.

Technical Specification (Abridged)

Auditorium Seating Capacity

337 (all seats) or 318 without Row AA (too close to the stage).

Reductions for wheelchairs, technical equipment (e.g. sound console) and orchestra pit.



  • Proscenium opening – 9.6m W x 5.6m H.
  • Performing space (approx.) – 11m W x 8.5m D x 5.6m H (to underside of technical bridges).

Over stage – 3 ‘flying slots’ between bridges, each with 2 x winch bar (max out dead – 9.1m), 1 x hemp bar (border cloth) & 2 x fixed LX bars. Full height flying is not possible.

No house tabs. Mid-stage black tabs (on winch bar). Black side soft legs. White cyclorama cloth.



We use a ‘Standard Rig’ (see Plans), to which additional fixtures can be added from our stock or hired in. Changes to the Standard Rig (by negotiation only) must be put back during the get-out, unless agreed, or additional charges may be applied. Fixture addressing must not be changed.

ETC ‘Ion XE 20’ lighting control console – 2,048 channels.

156 x dimming channels, 42 x non-dim channels. Standard Rig uses 4 universes (including house/working lights); 2 additional universes for visiting equipment.

  • Front-of-house rig: 12 x Prolights Eclipse HD2 (warm white) zoom profile; 6 x Prolights Eclipse HD (warm white) fixed profile.
  • Stage rig: 6 x Chauvet Ovation F-915 (full colour) fresnel; 6 x Chauvet Ovation F-415 (full colour) fresnel; 6 x Chauvet Ovation F-265 (warm white) fresnel; 6 x Prolights Eclipse FC (full colour) profile; 12 x Prolights StudioCOB (RGB wash light); 12 x Prolights LumiPar (pixel par); 6 x Altman SpectraCyc 100 (cyc flood).
  • Haze/fog: 1 x Le Maitre MVS hazer – £45 per week, or per refill if fully used; 1 x JEM ZR25 smoke machine – £20 per week, or per refill if fully used.

(See Tech Info Pack for full stock list and lighting notes.)



EM-Acoustics PA system, fully installed.

Allen & Heath SQ-6 digital mixing console.

  • Limited microphone stock (no radio mics available, except by specific arrangement).



Digital Projection E-Vision 10K laser projector (available at extra cost, POA, depending on expected usage).


Please read the Venue & Technical Information Pack for full details.

All stage crew / visiting technicians must watch the Fit-up/Crew Briefing before arrival.

Deliveries before/after Hire Period

Any deliveries or collections to/from The Leys which take place before or after the Hire Period (must be pre-agreed with the Theatre Manager) will incur a handling charge of £37.50 per delivery/collection, which will be added to the main Hire Contract.

Dressing Rooms

Please consult the Booking Contract for available rooms.



Dressing room 1 – 5/6 performers.

Dressing room 2 – 4/5 performers.

1 x accessible toilet (shared).

Green Room (stairs access only) – 6/12 performers, or crew / band room (with kitchen area, kettle, microwave, fridge).

2 x toilets; 1 x shower.


First floor

Middleton Studio – 30+ performers.

1 x accessible toilet (shared with Circle audience).


Second floor

‘G31’ Drama classroom – 20 performers.

‘G32’ Drama classroom – 20 performers.

‘G33’ Drama rehearsal room – 20+ performers.

No toilets on this level. Drinking water fountain.


Third floor

Dance Changing Room – 15 performers (with shower room).

Dance Studio – 30+ performers (no tables, no outdoor shoes, no show relay).

2 x toilets; 1 x shower.

Venue & Technical Information Pack (March 2024)Fit-up/Crew Technical Briefing (Sept 2023)


Stage PlanSeating PlanLighting PlanLighting Standard RigSound Standard Rig

General Hire Information

Hire Information Pack (Sept 2023)Usher/Steward Briefing (Sept 2023)

Technical Contact

Paul Durose
Theatre Manager
Tel. (01223) 508946
[email protected]

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