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The Leys is Rated Excellent in ISI Inspection

We are delighted that following an inspection by the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI), The Leys has been awarded the highest possible rating.

Headmaster, Martin Priestley, commented: “I have great pleasure in sharing with you the Inspection Report published by the Independent Schools Inspectorate following their recent Regulatory and Educational Quality Inspection at The Leys School.

“Reading this report, I am sure you too will be struck by how impressed the inspection team was with the achievements and progress made by Leysian pupils. I am very proud of the pupils themselves, but I also want to pay tribute to all my colleagues – both teaching and support staff – without whose hard work in preparing for the inspection this outstanding outcome would not have been forthcoming.

“You will of course want to read the report in full, and you are warmly invited to do so. In summary, however, the School not only achieved full regulatory compliance but also secured a finding of “Excellent” in both the main inspection headings: for the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements, and the quality of the pupils’ personal development. This is a resoundingly positive outcome and one of which I hope all stakeholders can be proud. These are the highest findings available (the regulatory section is by design more binary, with standards for compliance either “Met” or “Not Met”) but to read so many superlatives in the body of the Educational Quality Inspection is heart-warming.

“As ever, there are pointers for further development and improvement and we welcome these insights. Senior colleagues and I have already begun work drawing up an Action Plan to address the report’s detailed findings and recommendations, so that the process of refinement and further improvement continues apace.”

Some of the highlights, as well as the full report, can be found below.

ISI Inspection Report 2022ISI Inspection Report 2022 - Highlights