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Gift of Education News

Caring for our Gift of Education pupils

We are delighted to be recruiting for an Enrichment Tutor who will work closely with our Gift of Education pupils to support their wellbeing, as well as their academic success at The Leys and beyond.

We recognise that the young people joining us as part of the Gift of Education programme may well have different life experiences from other pupils, and are committed to making sure they feel at home in the School. This starts before a child even arrives, when  the Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation holds a matching interview and arranges taster visits so a child can find the right school for them. The Enrichment Tutor will be part of this careful process, getting to know the pupil and their family, and will be a first point of contact for all questions. When the pupil arrives at The Leys, the Tutor will be on hand to welcome them and will keep a careful eye on their progress, including weekly check-ins and informal chats.

The Tutor will support the child throughout at The Leys, ensuring they are settled in their House, feel confident with their academic work, and take advantage of all the Wider Curriculum activities that interest them. As they begin to look ahead to university or other career options, the Tutor will be on hand to advise on everything from navigating student finance to securing appropriate accommodation.

We know that thoughtful pastoral care which meets a child’s needs is key to their happiness, and we are delighted that the Enrichment Tutor will be able to help our Gift of Education pupils reach their full potential while here at The Leys.

Recruitment for the post is until 3 December 2021 and more details can be found here.