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Stephanie Loft

My children are all very different but have all had a wonderful time at The Leys. The Leys is strong academically and all of my children have been successful at their formal studies but the strength of The Leys really lies in its emphasis on the individual. The Leys is not just a School providing children with an education, it is a partner in their journey into adulthood. It works with them to establish who they want to be and how they want to present themselves to the world.

At The Leys pupils are understood as individuals and supported and encouraged to get the best from themselves in all areas of the wider curriculum.

The Gift of Education campaign is a tremendous opportunity to change lives. To give a child the chance to have the best possible start in life. There is no better place than The Leys with its emphasis on pastoral care and the close contact and individual attention afforded by the house system.

My children have and are achieving a good set of qualifications but more than that they have strong values, a clear picture of who they are and a belief that they can make a difference in the world in their own unique way.

Your generosity could bring all that The Leys has to offer into the reach of a child who, without your support, could never experience it. Nothing could be more transformational.