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The Leys is one of England's premier independent schools. Established in 1875, the School offers a blend of traditional values and a forward-looking approach to education, to prepare young people for the challenges and excitements which lie ahead at University and beyond.

Set in the centre of the beautiful and stimulating city of Cambridge, The Leys is a close-knit, friendly community in which pastoral care is seen as a top priority. The confidence which our pupils gain from this encouraging family atmosphere enables them to fulfil their potential in work and play.

The added-value in academic progress is among the most impressive in the country, and the range of creative, cultural and sporting opportunities is breathtaking.

This website offers an overview of our School and its many features. However, I urge you to come and see for yourself those special qualities which make The Leys what it is. The boys and girls are testimony to the priority we place on pastoral care, academic excellence and the thriving community which makes this School so special.

Martin Priestley, Headmaster