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Putting a Lid on Plastic Waste

In a significant move towards environmental responsibility, The Leys is proud to announce its latest initiative, aimed at reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability. Effective from the start of the Summer Term, the school will no longer distribute single-use water bottles on school trips and at sports fixtures. Instead, pupils are encouraged to fill up their own reusable bottles at any of the seven newly-installed water fountains. This is expected to prevent the consumption of more than 10,000 plastic bottles annually, furthering the school’s commitment to eco-conscious practices.

Driven by the passionate efforts of the pupil-led Sustainability Society, this initiative is part of a broader endeavour to enhance sustainability at The Leys. Recently, the society has also been actively exploring sustainable practices in the fashion industry and has successfully organised clothing swaps, allowing pupils to donate unwanted garments and acquire new ones in exchange. The Sustainability Society is commended for spearheading this campaign and for continually raising awareness and emphasising the significance of sustainable action throughout the entire school community.

Headmaster, Martin Priestley, commented: “As a country, we use and dispose of 7.7 billion plastic bottles each year. By no-longer supplying single use water bottles to pupils, we can make a small step in helping to reduce this number.”

The Leys has recently joined the ‘Let’s Go Zero’ campaign, a nationwide movement that includes more than 2000 schools. By taking part in this initiative, schools must pledge to achieve Zero Carbon emissions by 2030.

The school remains dedicated to cultivating environmentally conscious pupils and is continually seeking new avenues to drive positive change in the local and global community.