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Prefects for 2024-25 Announced

Congratulations to our newly appointed Prefects for 2024-25 who were announced in an assembly held on 17 June by Headmaster, Mr Priestley. A special mention goes to our new Senior Prefects, Emily H and Harry C, who will be leading the team throughout the next academic year. We hope they thrive in their new roles and wish them all the best. See the full list here:

Senior Prefects: Emily H and Harry C

Academic Prefect: Daisy R
Chapel Prefect: Dominik S
Community Prefect: Hugo E
Culture Prefect: Annabel L
Moulton Prefects: Sam D and Millie D
Sport Prefect: Nina J
Wellbeing Prefect: Tania E

Head of House Deputy Head of House
Barker Mark M-A Jack D
Barrett James P Emily B
Bisseker Callum K Monty H
Dale Emily C Emma P
East Cameron M Logan A
Fen Helena P-B Jess H
Granta Freya C Charlotte C
North A Lukas F Cosmo B
School Hansi Z
West Ewan S Jay A