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David Corbett

East, 1956-61

David celebrated his 80th birthday with his family in March. He died unexpectedly but peacefully on 13 July. David was the eldest of three brothers to attend East House, being followed by Jeremy, 1961-66 and Jonathan, 1966-71. They attended consecutively, with no gap, so for 15 continuous years there was a member of the Corbett family in East House! They followed their father Ken, who was also in East House.

David’s career spanned teaching, the civil service and working in the family business of agricultural implement manufacturing, before moving to work for the Ministry of Transport and finally an Army ordnance depot.

A lifelong member of the Methodist Church, he enjoyed many outside interests. His passions were light music, the weather, the BBC, current affairs and sport. He used his extensive knowledge to good effect, writing a comprehensive book exceeding 600 pages entitled Those Were the Days – with Harry Davidson and his Orchestra. He built an extensive archive of written and recorded TV and radio programmes over more than 60 years. He also presented a weekly programme of light music for Serenade Radio until he died.

He was a keen supporter of local groups and charities, holding a variety of posts. Known by many people locally in Wellington where he lived for all of his life, David will be greatly missed by his many friends and most of all by his family.

Words by Jonathan Corbett, East 1966-71