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Anna Godzisz

Head of International Support

The School was deeply upset to hear of Anna’s sudden passing on 18 December 2023. At her funeral, tributes from two of Anna’s colleagues were read out and these are quoted below. Our thoughts are with Anna’s friends, family and partner at this very sad time.

“Anna was a wonderful colleague, full of life and joy. In her short time at The Leys, she established herself as a teacher who puts herself ‘out there’, who wants to know pupils and be known by them. Anna allowed her pupils the freedom of expression and opportunities not just to learn but to feel good and be creative. She once told me that a pupil of hers always sang in her Art class, with others joining in. When she congratulated parents on his beautiful voice, they had no idea that he liked singing and Anna told me that they must have thought she mistook him for another pupil!

Anna cared deeply about pupils and was passionate about giving them opportunities to thrive. Her optimism and energy were uplifting. I still cannot believe she is gone. It is a great loss for the school and the teaching profession. Anna was a friend that I will miss dearly.”

Words by Justyna Sokolowska


“Despite the considerable time necessary to adjust to a new school and duties, Anna always made time to ensure her teachers were okay.

Her bubbly and infectious personality brightened up my mornings and she was always ready to appreciate hearing jokes and to tell them herself.

In addition to this daily goodness, Anna was known to surprise us with unnecessary (but always welcome!) gifts, which were extremely generous and a reflection of her thoughtful consideration of her staff.

My heartfelt sympathies go out to her family and loved ones. Despite being at The Leys for only one term, she will be sorely missed.”

Words by Andrew Muir