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New Gift of Education ambassador

Meet Rosie Barrett 2015-20), our newest Gift of Education ambassador!

Rosie first learnt about the Gift of Education campaign working as a caller on the Leys telephone campaign in summer 2021, telling people about the amazing difference that 110% bursaries can make. She was a keen musician while at The Leys and enjoyed the whole range of wider curriculum opportunities the School offered.

She says, “myself, having moved from a state to an independent school, I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the opportunities that The Leys has provided for me. I have seen first-hand that what the system offers goes way beyond the classroom. It is about much more than that: the extracurricular opportunities, the encouragement, the pastoral support, the community boarding school environment, and so much more.

“I have become an ambassador for the Gift of Education because I want to spread the word, and help young children have the same opportunities as I and so many of my school friends have had. I believe that the campaign really does have the ability to change lives – an exemplary education should be available to everyone, and this is a step to getting there.”