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French Debating Competition Victory

The East Anglia Year 13 French Debating Competition was won this week by Ruslan R and Henry K. The boys made a strong start in early rounds, winning debates against a pair from The Perse and a pair from ONE, an Ipswich sixth form college. The debate motions included ‘Prison does not work’, ‘Unions should be abolished’ and ‘The French model of secularism should be adopted around the world’.

In the final Ruslan and Henry debated a pair from King’s Ely on the surprise motion ‘Social media should be censored’. They were given only 15 minutes to prepare, without phones, and argued excellently.

Mr Leader, Head of French and Modern Foreign Languages, says he is “delighted with the way in which the boys performed, the magnanimous way in which they won, and how hard they worked to prepare.”