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Arkwright Scholarships for Hansel and Tomas

Year 12 pupils, Hansel B and Tomas FB, have each been awarded a coveted Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.

The Arkwright programme is administered by The Smallpiece Trust, the UK’s leading STEM Education Charity, and is the most prestigious scholarship scheme of its type in the UK. The scholars complete a rigorous selection process which assesses their academic, practical and leadership skills in engineering disciplines. The scholarships consist of an annual financial award to each scholar and to their school, together with enrichment activities such as mentoring and industry visits that enhance a scholar’s experience of engineering in a real-world context.

Head of DT, Clive Battle, commented: “I am very pleased to be able to highlight the success our pupils who have received these scholarships. They are very difficult to get and carry huge amount of credibility in engineering industry. It is vital that we continue to challenge young minds in STEM subjects and offer the best possible learning experiences, which is made possible through programmes like this.

“I wish all our Scholars well as they continue their engineering journeys and future careers.”

Hansel and Tomas join last year’s Scholarship recipients Monti D, George M and Henrietta N now in the Upper Sixth.