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Nigel Washbourn

Since I attended the School as a pupil, it has been a pleasure to maintain my relationship through the Old Leysian Society Committee (since 1963!). When the time came, I sent my own son to study here as well, while being a Governor gave me a different insight into the School.

I know, therefore, what a special place The Leys is. Based in Cambridge, it offers an excellent centre for learning, while the outstanding facilities include a state-of-the-art theatre and sports complex with a health and training centre.

Personally, I also feel it is crucial that the opportunity for this outstanding education be offered to those whose circumstances would not usually allow them to attend. The Gift of Education is already having a wonderful impact, but it needs our continuing financial support as a Leysian community.

As a supporter, the informal gatherings we are invited to attend and reports on how we help students always bring a smile, and let me know how meaningful my help is. I hope you will join me in this worthwhile project.