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Ethna Prosser

There are so many new avenues to explore and many Leysians find out their talents lie in the most unexpected directions. Who would have thought that the shy girl I met at the beginning of her Year 9 journey would take the lead in the Senior Play? Or the reluctant and hesitant boy I remember from one Year 8 class who would grow to love Maths and study it at Further Level? Or the disorganised and somewhat dishevelled Year 7 who would stand proudly and smartly in his Army uniform leading the Remembrance Day Parade? I can remember so many individual journeys, triumphs, and successes.

What also impresses me at The Leys is the sense of community and camaraderie that pervades. Their sense of fun and energy are infectious, and they are so supportive and encouraging of each other, in good and bad times, both in school and beyond. Leysians will make friends for life and will have a wealth of experiences and memories that will remain with them forever.

I, myself, come from very humble stock and was very fortunate to attend a school where I was nurtured and encouraged to really push myself on the academic front and ended up being the first member of my family to go direct to university. My life may have been so different without the opportunities I was given. There are no aspirations too high if you are given the chance and the Gift of Education will give many young people the chance to succeed and in turn, contribute so positively to society as a whole. I hope many people will join me in supporting this amazing life-changing campaign.