Krishan's FT schools' initiative goes global


A scheme to give students and teachers free access to the Financial Times has gone global following its UK success and the acquisition of an international sponsor, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi  UFJ.

The initiative developed from an idea proposed by a Leys School pupil, Krishan P during his work experience at the newspaper’s London HQ. It was successfully piloted at The Leys last year and was quickly taken up by more than 1,400 secondary schools and colleges across the UK.

The programme offers subscribers access to free of charge to English-speaking students aged 16 to 19, in order to help them “be informed and confident on issues beyond the basic requirements of the curriculum”. It also offers a weekly curated email with content directly relevant to their studies.

“We are thrilled to be in a position to offer free FT journalism to students around the world,” said Caspar de Bono, the FT’s B2B managing director. “We hope to emulate the success of the UK schools initiative  which has resulted in over 1,400 secondary schools and colleges and over 13,000 students gaining free access to FT content.”

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