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Hire Requirements


This page gives important information to assist those hiring Great Hall.

Great Hall operates as a 'dry hire' venue, so hirers must provide all necessary staff to set-up and run the event in a safe and professional manner.

The Leys provides a Duty Technician to be on duty at all times while the building is operational during the hire period, subject to reasonable working hours and breaks. The Duty Technician is responsible for the security, safety and operational state of the building, as well as advising and assisting with our technical systems during your fit-up period. Additional charges may apply if the technician is required to significantly contribute to the design, set-up or operation of your event.

The Leys also provides a Duty Manager for performances, to oversee and assist with Front-of-House activities, as well as briefing your staff.

Staff Requirements

Staff required for all performances

Front-of-House Ushers

The Hirer will provide all front-of-house staff (ushers) for the performance(s). A minimum of 1 usher per auditorium entrance is required for each performance (4 total). This must be in addition to any staff required for operating the Box Office, bar(s), and/or selling programmes and merchandise.

The Hirer's front-of-house staff are required to attend a briefing from the Duty Manager which will take place at least 30 minutes before the doors open for each performance. All ushers are required to sign a declaration that the briefing has been received and understood, and that all staff know their duties in the event of an emergency situation.

The Hirer will provide one member of staff as the principal point of contact during the hire period with the appropriate authority to make decisions in liaison with the Duty Manager.

Bar/Interval Drinks Staff

Sufficient adult staff are needed to operate the bar, if one is required. We recommend a minimum of 2 staff, but more will be needed if it is expected to get busy. All bar staff must attend a licensing briefing beforehand.

Please see the 'Bar Requirements' tab for further details.

Chaperones/supervisors for young cast members

The Hirer is responsible for any necessary licensing / permissions for young performers, and must provide sufficient adult chaperones for any children involved in the event.

The Hirer must provide a copy of its Safeguarding Policy, and will undertake all necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks as appropriate.

Production Staff

Hirers are responsible for providing sufficient competent staff to set-up and run the event in a safe and professional manner. For most performances, this will include at least a Stage Manager and/or Production Manager who is very familiar with the show and will be the main contact person in charge of the performance. In addition, it is likely that you will need technical crew, designers and operators as appropriate for the event.

Depending on the complexity of your show, additional crew/technical staff will be likely be needed for the 'get-in' and 'get-out' periods, as well as for building scenery, rigging and focusing lights, organising costumes and props, and generally setting-up as required.

The Hirer's staff will liaise with the Theatre Manager for all technical and stage requirements, including any advance site visits and the exchange of relevant plans and documentation.


See the Technical Information for more details.

Bar Requirements

Running your own bar

The Leys does not provide any bar facilities for external performances. Hirers may wish to provide a bar for pre-show and interval drinks.

Hirers must comply with all requirements of our Premises Licence.

The Hirer will provide all stock and glassware, cash float, and appropriate bar staff. All bar takings are retained by the Hirer.

As a guide for staffing, with audience numbers of 200 or less, a single bar with 2 staff is generally sufficient. With audience numbers over 200, it is recommended to operate a main bar for the Stalls with 2-3 staff, and a second bar upstairs for the Circle with 1-2 staff. For audience numbers over 250 the Hirer must operate 2 bars in this manner to avoid over-crowding in the foyer spaces.

The Hirer's bar staff are required to attend a licensing briefing from the Duty Manager which will take place at an agreed time before the first performance. The Hirer's main front-of-house representative and all bar staff are required to sign a declaration to state that the briefing has been received and understood, and that all staff know their legal obligations under the terms of the Premises Licence.

The School will provide tables and table cloths in the appropriate locations for the bar(s):
Foyer Room – Stalls bar.
Trumpington Gallery – Circle bar.

We normally recommend opening the Stalls bar for 45 minutes before the performance, and both bars for the interval. Unless otherwise agreed, the bar(s) must close at the end of the interval, or at the latest 30 minutes before the end of the day's hire period.

Note that Great Hall does not have any facilities for washing glassware.


Great Hall Premises Licence Requirements

Ticketing Requirements

Use of The Leys Box Office is optional. All performances must be ticketed.

It is strongly recommended that reserved seating is used, in which case the Box Office must provide tickets showing seat numbers according to the Seating Plan which will be issued by the School. The seating capacity must not be exceeded for any reason.

Except where the School is providing the Box Office, the Hirer is responsible for informing the School in advance of any wheelchair spaces and/or special seating arrangements. Sufficient provision for wheelchair spaces must be provided (this will reduce capacity slightly - as shown on the Seating Plan).

A small number of seats near to each auditorium entrance must be held off-sale to allow for the safe entry of latecomers. Any other seating reductions must be agreed before tickets go on sale (e.g. seats removed for technical equipment or stage extensions).

The Hirer is responsible for operating the Box Office at the venue, including provision of cash float and staff.

Using our Box Office

You may wish to use The Leys Box Office to sell tickets for your event. It is an online service, offering print-at-home e-tickets. A telephone agency service is also available, but we do not offer any in-person sales.

The Leys does not take any income from your ticket sales; we offer this service to our customers free of charge.

Our supplier, TicketSource, will apply a booking fee per transaction. This fee will be deducted automatically from your income. It is not applied to the customer's booking as we prefer to use an inclusive fee option (see 'Terms' below for full details). You must set your ticket prices to include allowance for this.

The Hirer is responsible for all marketing and publicity.


Box Office Usage Terms

Car Parking

The Hirer must make clear on all advertising and tickets that audience car parking is not available on site. The closest public car parks are the Grand Arcade and Queen Anne car parks, which are approximately 15 minutes walk from the School.

A maximum of 5 spaces can be reserved near to Great Hall for disabled/infirm patrons. These must be booked in advance by contacting Claire Payne (Director of Events & Domestic Services).

A maximum of 20 cars can be parked on site for the Hirer's staff & crew only. Vehicles may park adjacent to Great Hall to offload/load only.

A drop-off / pick-up system can be provided for the arrival/departure of the performers. The School will provide appropriate signs to direct drivers to the drop-off/pick-up area(s).



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