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Why Choose The Leys?


The Leys is unique in our place as the only independent co-educational boarding and day school in the world-renowned university city of Cambridge. We call ourselves the "big, small school".

One of the things which makes The Leys such a special place is its size. We are determinedly a small school. It's partly because we're such a small school that we're able to get to know individual pupils so well. Our aim is for every boy and girl in the school to have that wonderful feeling of attempting the exceptional. To do this they need to feel confident that they will be well supported by their peers and the staff.

We consider there to be three core elements to a Leysian education:


Pupils at The Leys work hard and motivation is high. They are ambitious and we help them to achieve their objectives by encouraging them to take an increasing level of personal responsibility for their work as they move through the school. The Leys really is an environment in which every individual can thrive.

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At The Leys, we consider pastoral care to be most important, because if a pupil isn't feeling settled they are unlikely to do well in their lessons, exams and wider activities.

The Leys is a community of 560 pupils, which means each pupil is well known by the staff responsible for their welfare, including the Headmaster who knows the pupils very well. All this adds to the friendly ethos of The Leys, and helps to foster the good relationships between pupils and between pupils and staff, which has long been a feature of this school.

The Leys is a school founded on a Christian ethos, led by a popular and inspirational Chaplain. The result is pupils who are respectful of one another, kind and generous spirited; living and working in an environment where they can be themselves and know they'll be accepted for it.

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Wider Curriculum

The wider curriculum at The Leys offers many opportunities for the pupils, and forms a really important part of what we do. Sport, Art, Music, Drama, CCF, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and a whole plethora of societies, activities and clubs, offer plenty of opportunity for Leysians to thrive intellectually, physically and culturally.

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