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The Chaplain, as a faith presence, committed to the values of Christ, and on behalf of the church and school communities, accompanies each person on the journey through life.

Revd Meharry writes:

“As Chaplain, I try to offer a ministry of presence with the central emphasis on ‘being’ which is ‘being the presence of Christ in school’.

As always, ‘being’ means ‘doing’, so this ‘being’ is experienced through different aspects of my role as Chaplain:

  • Pastoral: caring for the whole community.
  • Liturgical: leading prayer and worship.
  • Spiritual: leading the spiritual life of the community.
  • Missional: commending the Christian faith and supporting faith groups.
  • Prophetic: “speaking truth to power”.
  • Pedagogic: teaching about faith and Christian catechesis.

My hope and vision could be summed up in this quotation:

After all is said, my chief aim and vision is to help these young people, so well off in material terms but sometimes poor in spiritual, to think about the reality of God, the truth of Jesus and the things that make them tick. My hope is to set something running that may only come to fruition many years later. It matters not to me whether they come as atheists, agnostics, Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Methodists or anything else. What matters is that they are all children of the God who loves them and who wants them to know Him better.

(Anna De Lang, Durham School, ‘Being a Chaplain’, The Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge)

My only change to this statement would be in the first sentence: from ‘young people’ to ‘every member of this school community’.

My ministry of ‘being’ implies presence. This in turn is utterly dependent on my being seen in and around the community, and my remaining both available and approachable. I enjoy being the Chaplain and I am thankful to God for calling me to this exciting and transforming ministry.”

Rev C J Meharry BEd BTh
School Chaplain

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