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The Learning Support department and staff give pupils the skills and multi-sensory tools to support their learning across the curriculum, across their potential, and ultimately help them to become independent learners.

The department works closely with subject teachers to promote a unified approach. In the lower school, pupils work in small groups and later on an individual basis. By identifying pupils' strengths and learning styles we enable them to access the curriculum and become successful learners. A mixture of taught skills and learning opportunities enable pupils to reach their potential in the classroom. This is implemented in the classroom and ultimately reflected in exam success.

All learning support teachers have or are working towards qualification in SpLD. The dedicated teachers are committed to building pupil confidence, celebrating the pupil's unique qualities and supporting them with planning and organisation.

The department is situated in a quiet area of the school where pupils feel comfortable to come at any time. The learning support department offers a weekly clinic to which any pupil can attend.

Years 7 & 8

Skills such as spelling, reading, writing and arithmetic are supported as foundations to all academic subjects. Students can access support in lieu of Latin at this stage.

Year 9

This is an important year as in many subjects GCSE material is started. Pupils are supported and prepared, and they are helped in identifying their individual way of working. The pupils choose one MFL to enable time in the curriculum for this support.


Pupils accessing support choose three GCSE options rather than four to allow time in the timetable for learning support and some time for supervised private study.

In the Sixth Form pupils are seen weekly around their timetables. They are seen individually to promote independent learning and are supported in preparation for university.


  • Gaynor Lester BA MA Dip SpLD AMBDA - Head of Department
  • Alison Hodges BSc RSA Cert SpLD
  • Nicholas Robinson BSc CEng MBA CELTA QTS OCR Level 5 SpLD
  • Cathy Earl BSc Cert Ed



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