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The Middleton Drama Studio is a 10m x 10m 'black box' studio theatre, suitable for intimate performances, rehearsals, audio recording or small film projects, or as a large backstage dressing/warm-up room for main theatre shows. It also makes a good reception venue for pre/post-show special events.

Hire Rates

From £62.50 per hour / £315 per day / £315 per performance. Rates are negotiable and sometimes inclusive when hired with the main theatre.


Virtual View


  • Black-box studio with many possible seating/stage configurations.
  • 50 - 100 capacity, depending on seating layout.
  • Natural daylight or full blackout.
  • Air-conditioned.
  • Shared dressing rooms and backstage facilities with main theatre.
  • Technical walkway around perimeter, with lighting grid overhead.
  • Dedicated control room with ETC Element lighting console.
  • Seating rostra available.

Seating Layout

The Studio can be set in any configuration required, using loose chairs, with or without the use of rostra to create raised seating areas.

Some example configurations:

Seating Capacity
End-on with centre aisle52
Thrust (3-side audience)70
In-the-round (4-side audience)70

Studio Dimensions

Studio floor10.7m x 10.7m
Performance space (between galleries)8.3m x 7.8m
Height (to grid)c. 4m
Height (under technical gallery)2.1m
Backstage alcove4.2m x 2m
Total floor area122m2


Stage & Access

The usable performance space is approx. 8m x 8m between the technical galleries. (See above for full dimensions.)

The Studio floor is ply on cross-battens, with a permanent matt-black dance floor surface. Screw fixing / painting is not permitted.

The exact size of the performance area will depend on the seating layout (see above).

The Studio is located on the first-floor upstairs, with lift access. Goods must be carried upstairs or fit in the lift.

  • Lift internal dimensions = 2m L x 1.18m W x 2.07m H.
  • Lift door = 1.09m W x 2.05m H.
  • Max load = 1000kg.


House Lighting

Various configurations of white working lights are available, as well as dimmable houselights in the foyer/lobby areas. In the Studio itself, 4 no. dimmable LED floods provide house lighting, to be rigged to suit the seating arrangement. These require a non-dim supply to each.

All house/working lights are controlled from the master panel in the Control Room or from the lighting desk. Presets can also be recalled from a wall-mounted fader panel in the Studio. 'Show Mode' disables the user outstations and white lighting, and operates blue safety lighting in the wings, lobbies and control room.

Theatrical Lighting

72 circuits around the Studio, with 16-Amp socket outlets. The majority of the circuits are on a fixed overhead lighting grid (see Studio Grid Layout). The perimeter of this grid can be reached from the technical gallery which surrounds the room. The centre of the grid requires ladder access, for which there is a Zarges ladder available.

ETC Sensor 3 dimmer rack, with:

  • 24 dual 3kW modules (48 channels)
  • 4 dual 3kW non-dim modules (8 channels)

Modules can be swapped around (in pairs of channels) to suit the lighting design. Additional modules may be available from the main theatre, if not in use.


These lanterns will cover most basic needs, but additional equipment is likely to be required for complex shows. Hirers will need to make their own arrangements for providing additional equipment as required.

N.B. If hiring additional lanterns, please remember that Great Hall uses 16-Amp outlets, not 15-Amp.


  • 6 no. Strand Prelude 16/30 profile 650W (Gobo Size B) – no shutters; gobo holders available.
  • 2 no. CCT Minuette profile 650W – no shutters.
  • 4 no. Selecon Acclaim Axial 18/34 profile 600W (Gobo Size M) – shared with main theatre, subject to availability.
  • 6 no. Moonlight (Source 4 copy) 26° profile 575W (no gobos) – shared with main theatre, subject to availability.


  • 8 no. Strand Quartet F, 650W with barn doors.
  • 5 no. Strand Quartet PC, 650W with barn doors.

LED Par/Wash Lights


  • 6 no. Par 64 (CP88) 500W
  • 6 no. Par 64 Short-nose/Floor (CP88) 500W


  • 2 no. CCT Minuette flood 500W

Additional lanterns may be available from the main theatre, if availability allows.

Colour gel, gobos and other consumables are not provided from stock, but can be supplied as a chargeable extra, by advance request.

As a busy multi-purpose venue, it is rare that the lanterns will be 'in store', so will usually require some re-rigging to suit your requirements. A basic rig can be provided on request, which will provide general cover of the performance area.

Control Desk

ETC Element with 250 channels and touch-screen monitor.

The dimmers are soft-patched to channels 1 – 72 and the house/working lights to channels 73 – 86. See Standard Patch List. It is usual to operate from either the control room or the technical gallery.


DMX outlets (5-pin XLR) are available around the Studio (see Facility Panel Layout), terminating at a patch rack in the Dimmer Room. The lighting system operates via ETC Net 3.

The dimmers use DMX Universe 2. The house-light system uses Universe 4 (soft-patched to the lighting desk). Universes 1 and 3 are assigned to the main theatre. See Standard Patch List.

Hot Power

Most Facility Panels have twin 13A RCD outlets for Technical Power.

The non-dim Sensor modules can be used (in pairs of channels) at any outlet where controlled hot power is required.

There is also a 32-Amp single-phase outlet in the N.E. corner of the Studio.

Sound & Video

Main P.A.

4 no. RCF HD10-A full-range powered loudspeakers; usually arranged one in each corner of the Studio on the technical gallery.

The system is controlled by an Allen & Heath iDR-4:

  • Preset 1 – Standard L & R with sub-bass crossover*.
  • Preset 2 – L/R + separate Mono Sub* input.
  • Preset 3 – 4 separate inputs (front L, front R, rear L, rear R) + separate Mono Sub*.
  • Preset 4 – Mute all.

* Sub-bass loudspeakers are not provided for the Studio.

Loudspeaker outlets (Speakon) can be found on selected Facility Panels (see Facility Panel Layout), but the Studio has no installed amplifiers. Instead, the system is designed for powered loudspeakers, consisting of switched power outlets (PowerCon) on the Facility Panels. All switched power outlets (labelled as 'Switched AV Power') can be controlled from a single relay switch in the Control Room.

Most Facility Panels also have dedicated twin 13A RCD outlets for Audio Visual use.

Mixing Desk

Allen & Heath MixWizard 14:4:2 – stored in Control Room, but can be used in any location with sufficient inputs/outputs on the Facility Panels (often operated from the technical gallery).

A conventional audio patch is provided around the Studio (3-pin XLR). This includes 4 sends and 4 returns from the main theatre.


It is unlikely that microphones will be useful in the Studio, but a limited stock is available, shared with the main theatre.

Hirers will need to make their own arrangements for providing additional equipment as required.


16 no. video outlets around the Studio (BNC), terminating at a patch bay in the Dimmer Room.

2 no. links to the main theatre.

Drapes & Rostra

Soft Masking

There is a track around the perimeter of the room, at handrail level of the technical gallery (3.34m H). There are sufficient black tabs to cover half of the room in 4m sections.


Stage Rostra

  • 4 no. Stage Systems Q-Build 750 x 750 x 277.5 height.
  • 4 no. Stage Systems Q-Build 750 x 750 x 500 height.

The removable top decks are reversible: either matt black or varnished timber. These light-weight rostra can be used to create multi-level stage platforms. Painting / screw fixing is not permitted.

Audience Rostra

  • 10 no. Stage Systems Q-Plus 750 x 900 x 277.5 height.
  • 10 no. Stage Systems Q-Plus 750 x 900 x 500 height.
  • 10 no. handrails for above.

These units are carpeted for use only as audience seating rostra.

Layout must be agreed in advance.



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