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Staffing Requirements


Great Hall operates as a 'dry hire' venue, so hirers must provide all necessary staff to set-up and run the event in a safe and professional manner.

The Leys provides a Duty Technician to be on duty at all times while the building is operational during the hire period, subject to reasonable working hours and breaks. The Duty Technician is responsible for the security, safety and operational state of the building, as well as advising and assisting with our technical systems during your fit-up period. Additional charges may apply if the technician is required to significantly contribute to the design, set-up or operation of your event.

The Leys also provides a Duty Manager for performances, to oversee and assist with Front-of-House activities, as well as briefing your staff.

Staff Required for ALL performances

Front-of-House Ushers

We require a minimum of 4 competent adult ushers to be available 1 hour before the performance. Each usher will be stationed at an auditorium entrance to check tickets and welcome the audience. These ushers must receive a safety briefing and be ready to assist the audience in the event of an emergency.

It may be desirable to have additional ushers/front-of-house staff to welcome the audience and to sell tickets and programmes.

Bar/Interval Drinks Staff

Sufficient adult staff are needed to operate the bar, if one is required. We recommend a minimum of 2 staff, but more will be needed if it is expected to get busy. All bar staff must attend a licensing briefing beforehand.

Please see the Bar Requirements for further details.

Chaperones/supervisors for young cast members

Hirers are responsible for any necessary licensing for young performers, and must provide sufficient adult chaperones/supervisors for any children involved in the event.

We expect you to have a Child Protection Policy, and that you will have undertaken all necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Production Staff

This is a rough guideline as appropriate for your event. Those who are familiar with running theatrical events will no doubt already be well aware of your requirements. Your staffing, stage and technical requirements, and fit-up times will be discussed with our Theatre Manager at the time of booking.

  • Stage Manager and/or Production Manager who is very familiar with the show and will be the main contact person in charge of the performance.
  • Technical crew to design, rig and operate the equipment according to the artistic requirements of the show. A Lighting Designer/programmer and a Sound operator are essential for most shows; preferably already familiar with our equipment (see Technical Information).
  • Stage crew to bring in, set-up and operate the equipment and scenery, organise backstage operations, and undertake any scene changes under the guidance of the Stage Manager.
  • Depending on the complexity of your show, additional crew/technical staff will be likely be needed for the 'Get-in' and 'Get-out' periods, as well as preparation time for building scenery, rigging and focusing lights, organising costumes and props, and generally setting-up as required.



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