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Swimming Lessons


Whatever your age or skill level, we have a programme for you to enjoy on a year round basis.

Whether you are improving your swimming technique or swimming for fitness, we have pre-set criteria for both age and ability to ensure the correct level of teaching from our highly experienced staff.

Our swimming lessons currently run at the following times during each of the School terms: 

Wednesday -

For children who are new to our lesson programme, we will require them to take part in a short assessment so that we can put them in the correct class, to make the transition to our lessons as easy and seamless as possible. To register a child, please complete the form via the link below:

Swimming Assessment Booking Form

In addition to our swimming lesson programme which runs during term time, we also run crash courses, 1-to-1 lessons, and various different activity sessions during the holidays.

Please ensure that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions of our swimming lessons (see below).

Important Dates

We operate a continuous programme of lessons, rather than separate terms. We will still have breaks for half-terms and holidays where there will be no lessons.

There will be no lessons on the following dates:

7th April 20178th April 20179th April 201710th April 201711th April 2017
14th April 201715th April 201716th April 201717th April 201718th April 2017
2nd June 20173rd June 20174th June 20171st May 201730th May 2017
30th June 20171st July 20172nd July 201729th May 201730th May 2017
28th July 201729th July 201730th July 201731st July 20171st August 2017
No Lessons in August 2017No Lessons in August 2017No Lessons in August 2017No Lessons in August 2017No Lessons in August 2017
1st September 20172nd September 20173rd September 20174th September 20175th September 2017
27th October 201728th October 201729th October 201723rd October 201724th October 2017
22nd December 201723rd December 201724th December 201725th December 201726th December 2017
29th December 201730th December 201731st December 20171st January 20182nd January 2018
5th January 20186th January 20187th January 201812th February 201813th February 2018
16th February 201817th February 201818th February 201826th March 201827th March 2018
30th March 201831st March 20181st April 20182nd April 20183rd April 2018
6th April 20187th April 20188th April 20189th April 201810th April 2018
13th April 201814th April 201815th April 20187th May 201829th May 2018
1st June 20182nd June 20183rd June 201828th May 201817th July 2018
29th June 201830th June 20181st July 201823rd July 201824th July 2018
20th July 201821st July 201822nd July 201830th July 201831st July 2018
27th July 201828th July 201829th July 2018  
No Lessons in August 2018No Lessons in August 2018No Lessons in August 2018No Lessons in August 2018No Lessons in August 2018


Lesson Criteria

We currently have 9 levels to our main swimming lesson programme. All children who wish to attend lessons will need to complete an assessment at The Leys, by one of the swimming teachers to ensure that they are placed in the correct level.

Level 1

This is the lowest level we take into our normal lesson programme. Children must be at least 4 years old, with basic water confidence. They need to be happy in the water without any swimming aids such as tummy belt or armbands. They will have use of a woggle or float for assistance. There will be a teacher in the water with the class.

Level 1+

At Level 1+ children will be able to do a few metres of independent swimming without a woggle and be happy putting their face in the water. They will be working on introducing proper stokes, and increasing the distance of their independent swimming. The teacher will be in the water in the class.

Level 2

To enter our programme at level 2, children need to be able to swim 10m unaided on their front and back, and be able to jump into the water unaided.

Level 3

At level 3, children will need to be able to swim 25m of basic front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke. The will need to be able to demonstrate 10m of dolphin leg kick, jump in confidently at the deep end, and pick an object up off the bottom of the pool.

Level 4

At level 4, children will need to be able to swim 50m good stroke with regular breathing for front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke, and 20m of dolphin kick. They also need to be able to scull head first, and tread water.

Level 5

At level 5, children will need to be able to swim 100m front crawl, 50m back crawl and breast stroke showing efficient technique. They will need to be able to swim 15m basic butterfly. They will also need to be able to do a front and back somersault, scull feet first, and ideally be able to dive.

Level 6

At level 6, we are working towards some of the competitive elements of swimming, as well as endurance. They need to be able to swim 100m of front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke showing efficient technique, and 25m of butterfly. They need to be able to show the basics of front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke turns, and have a good streamlined dive.

Level 7

At level 7, we continue to work towards some of the competitive elements of swimming and endurance. They need to be able to swim 100m individual medley, with correct turns (25m of each stroke - butterfly, back crawl, breast stroke and front crawl). They need to be able to do a streamlined dive in to the pool, covering a distance of at least 7 metres underwater. They also need to be able to use the pace clock, and swim 800m in less than 20 minutes.

Level 8

Level 8 is mainly for children who have progressed through the levels and still want to swim, but not as part of a competitive club. They will swim once a week, for 1 hour, with no commitment to extra training or competitions. The programmes they will follow are similar to those that they would do with a competitive swimming club.

One-to-One Lessons

If your child is not quite at the level to enter our lesson program, or just requires a bit of extra attention in order to progress, we can run one-to-one lessons at times to suit you, both during term time and holidays.

Prices for one-to-one lessons are £25 per 30 minutes.

We are also able to do 2-to-1 lessons, providing that both children are at a similar level.

These cost £40 per 30 minutes.

For more information, please contact Leys Leisure.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions for our swimming lessons.

By signing up to our lesson programme, you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

Leys Leisure Terms and Conditions 



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