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Scholarships are available for entry to The Leys at 11+, 13+ or Sixth Form. The value of awards is expressed as a percentage of the fees payable.

A pupil who is awarded a scholarship may, in exceptional circumstances, gain a fee concession of up to 100% of the fees payable. A maximum of 5% of this can be in the form of a non-means-tested scholarship. Any concession above this would be in the form of a means-tested Bursary. The number and value of the awards is dependent upon the calibre of the candidates, and their continuation is subject to the pupil maintaining satisfactory standards.

11+ Scholarships

There are no formal applications for the 11+ scholarships. Entry tests for Year 7 are held in the January of the year of entry. Candidates who perform well in the tests, and who have a strong supporting recommendation from their current Headmaster/Headmistress, will be invited back for a series of interviews with the Headmaster, the Head of Mathematics and the Head of English in order to be considered for an 11+ Scholarship. While academic performance will be the major consideration in making these awards, the Headmaster is able to take into consideration a candidate's performance in the fields of Art, Music, Drama, Sport and Technology.

All candidates invited back for this second round will be guaranteed a place in Year 7, whether or not they are awarded a Scholarship.

13+ Scholarships

The number and value of the awards made each year depends on the quality of the candidates. They are available to all applicants, including current pupils at The Leys who are within the age range. In the case of external candidates the Headmaster/Headmistress of their present school should be informed of your intention, as his/her signature is needed for the Scholarship Forms and they may be able to offer advice. All external candidates for entry to The Leys are required to undertake the standard academic tests in the January of the year of entry.

The deadline for applications for 13+ Scholarships for 2018 entry has now passed.

For specific scholarship programme information and example material, please see below.

Sixth Form (16+) Scholarships

The Leys offers a number of Sixth Form Scholarships for Academic subjects, Music, Art, Drama, Sport and DT. They are worth 5% of the fees and are open to those entering the School, as well as to current pupils. All external candidates should be registered for entry to The Leys. The assessments will be held in early November prior to the year of entry. A general reference will be requested from the Headmaster/Headmistress of the candidate's present school once the entry has been received. All awards will be announced at the beginning of December prior to the September of entry.

The deadline for applications for 16+ Scholarships for 2018 entry has now passed.

For specific scholarship programme information and specimen papers, please see below.

Scholarship Programmes

13+ Awards

13+ Academic Awards

These awards are made for academic excellence. Those wishing to be considered for an academic award will take five extension papers. All candidates will take papers in English, Mathematics and Science. Candidates will also take two elective papers selected from French, German, Spanish, History, Geography, Divinity, Latin or Greek.

13+ Examplar Material

13+ Mathematics Sample

13+ Music Scholarships

As a general guide, candidates are normally expected to have reached the standard required for Associated Board Grade V. Singing experience may be taken as an equivalent, especially for candidates who are Cathedral Choristers. Choral and Organ awards may be made and any instrument may be offered. Musicianship and potential are more important than present attainment. Candidates are expected to play two contrasting pieces on any instrument offered (or sing two songs if singing is offered). They will be asked to play a piece at sight, and may also be asked to play scales and arpeggios, or perform aural tests similar to those of the Associated Board. Holders of Music Awards at The Leys are expected to play a full and active part in the music making of the School.

13+ Sports Scholarships

At The Leys we would expect that a sports scholar performs to a high level for the school in the sports they were assessed in, embraces the opportunities for sport through the extra-curricular programme and sets a high standard in training and fixtures that others will aspire to.

13+ scholars will have access to mentoring from the Director of Sport/Head of Games, a strength and conditioning programme, the scholars trip/lecture, as well as opportunities to develop their sport, physical capacity and athlete mentality/profile through The Leys Sports Academy.

When considering an application we will look equally on somebody who can offer a single sport (in which we compete) at governing body regional or national level as we will a sportsperson who can show a high level of proficiency in two of our core sports and at least a good level of ability in a third sport.

Candidates will be interviewed and assessed in practical tests in their chosen sports as well as undertake a fitness test.

Candidates will be expected to provide a full CV of their sporting involvement since the start of Year 6 and to provide the name of a person(s) from outside of school who is able to provide a supporting statement for their chosen sport(s). This supporting statement should be sent to the School before the end of the Autumn Term.

13+ Art Scholarships

Candidates will be asked to sit a drawing test involving an observational study. This will take place in the main studio of the Art Department and will last between two-three hours. Materials will be provided. Candidates will be expected to submit a portfolio and/or sketchbook of recent material reflecting the full range of their work (this should mainly be work produced in the last year). Examples or photographs of any three-dimensional work should also be included and they are very welcome to bring any other work that they feel is relevant. Candidates will also have a short interview with the Art Department staff. They will be encouraged to discuss either an art exhibition recently visited or some piece of an artist's work that they particularly like.

13+ Design Technology Scholarships

Candidates will be asked to undertake a selection of 'design and make' problem solving exercises lasting three hours. Candidates should bring a selection of work, both two and three-dimensional, that reflects a high standard of skill and creativity. They may bring photographs of projects that are too large to transport. Candidates will have a short interview with the Design Technology staff.

13+ Drama Scholarships

All candidates will be interviewed and will be asked to demonstrate excellence in either (a) Dramatic Performance or (b) Technical Skills. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate a strong appreciation of theatre, an understanding of production issues and knowledge of theatre outside the school context.


Candidates will be asked to perform a solo piece of their choosing, which may be one with which they are already familiar. Candidates should also expect to be assessed in a group setting where improvisation skills will be observed. Candidates offering a dramatic performance will be asked about the performance they have given, previous performances (where appropriate) and their ambitions in this area. Unmarked copies of your monologue along with name of the playwright and play should be sent to the Head of Performance Drama at least one week in advance of your interview date.


Candidates will be asked to provide evidence of work they have completed for a production in any area of technical theatre. Set, costume and make-up work will be primarily considered in theatrical rather than artistic terms. Evidence should include, in all cases, notes, diagrams and photographs/video (where appropriate). Candidates should have a proven commitment to working backstage in a theatre, be prepared to develop their skills and be capable of working efficiently and well in a team. Candidates offering technical work will be asked in detail about the material they have brought.

13+ Neil White Scholarships (All Rounder)

Candidates who enter for more than one category of scholarship will also automatically be considered for a Neil White Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to pupils who are able to contribute at a very high standard in two or three different fields, and also show potential for leadership. In accordance with the original terms of this award, preference will be given to candidates who wish to board.

Sixth Form Awards

16+ Academic Awards

All candidates will be asked to sit written tests and attend interviews. The tests will be based on GCSE syllabuses and candidates will be expected to answer on three subjects of their own choice.

16+ Music Awards

For Music (organ, choral and/or instrumental), the candidate's musical record will be taken into account, as will a personal assessment by the Director of Music. They will be expected to perform two contrasting pieces on their first instrument and one piece on their second/third instrument. They will also be tested on their general musicianship, scales, aural training and sight-reading. Strong emphasis will be placed on musicality and willingness to contribute to the School's music. Composition may also be submitted.

16+ Art Awards

For an award in Art, all candidates should offer a portfolio of work. An examination will also take place in the Scholarship week.

16+ Drama Awards

Drama Scholarships are awarded to candidates who show excellence in either Performance or Technical Skills. All performance candidates should present two contrasting pieces: one must be an acting solo, the other may be acting or an extract from a musical. Technical candidates will be expected to provide details of their experience and should nominate the technical skills they would like to be taken into consideration. Unmarked copies of your monologues/song choice, along with the name of the playwright and play should be sent to the Head of Performance Drama at least one week in advance of your interview date.

16+ Sports Awards

Candidates are expected to show a high level of proficiency and commitment in at least two major sports, chosen from Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Netball, Swimming and Tennis. As an alternative, candidates may choose one sport from those listed and specify another, which is not listed. Full details of sporting skills and achievements, together with the names and addresses of one or two people who are able to provide supporting statements, are also required.

The Arkwright Scholarship Awards (Design Technology)

Those wishing to follow an A Level course in Design and Technology, leading to courses in Higher Education to read Engineering, Technology or other Design-related subjects, may enter for Arkwright Scholarships. These Scholarships are externally assessed and awarded and application forms can be obtained from the Arkwright Scholarships Trust.



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