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Which Subjects Can I Study?


At A Level we offer a range of subjects to study.

Reforms to A Levels from 2016

From 2016 all AS and A levels, apart from Classical Civilisation, Design Technology and Maths, will be uncoupled; that is to say that AS will become a stand-alone qualification and will not count towards the final A level grade/mark, as it has done previously. The subjects will be linear, not modular. The term ‘A2’ will disappear and the final qualification will simply be called ‘A Level’ again. Coursework is reduced and there will be no January exams.

Our Policy at The Leys

For 2016, in line with most other schools, we will require pupils to choose three full A level subjects which will be linear courses and will run for the full two years, with all external exams taken at the end of the Upper Sixth. We regard Double Mathematics (i.e. Mathematics and Further Mathematics) as one subject choice out of three; in this case making a four A level programme.

There will therefore be no AS exams at the end of the Lower Sixth in any subject except Classical Civilisation and Design Technology. Please note that this applies to Mathematics as well; even though it remains a modular subject, all the exams will be taken at the end of the Upper Sixth. Those taking Further Mathematics will sit some modules in the summer of their Lower Sixth.

A Level Subject Choices

Pupils should choose subjects that interest them and in which they have ability. This will help to ensure the best possible grades. Career aims may also dictate a particular choice of subjects or, if serious study of a particular subject at a higher level is envisaged, it may be advisable to combine that subject with other complementary subjects. The A level programme allows plenty of breadth and pupils are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of this.

Universities make offers based upon grades. Therefore interest and performance are vital in choosing Sixth Form subjects. It is advisable to consult the UCAS website as some courses have special requirements, e.g. Medicine and Engineering.

History, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Government & Politics, Theatre Studies, Theology and Classical Civilisation do not require pupils to have studied the subject at GCSE level. They can be started from scratch provided that aptitude has been shown in a relevant GCSE subject. However, pupils need to be aware that starting one or more subjects with no prior background will require real commitment and hard work.

The choice of courses is flexible up to a point and the school will endeavour to accommodate all requests. However, there are constraints on the timetable and parents and pupils need to be aware that there may be certain combinations of subjects that will not be possible to schedule. Where there are problems with a set of choices it will be necessary to discuss the available options with the Director of Studies.

Business Studies, Economics and Government & Politics are only studied in the Sixth Form at The Leys.

Government & Politics will be taught at The Leys from September 2017.



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