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The Leys was set up in 1875 at a time of rapid changes in education. Its establishment reflected the interest of Methodism in improving secondary education for its sons and developing access to university education, especially in Cambridge. 140 years later the School still holds to its founder’s vision, providing young people with a life-changing education.

The Leys has a strong tradition of bringing together talented students from a wide range of backgrounds in the pursuit of excellence. We seek to offer them first class teaching, a rounded education and high quality facilities.

The Leys is rich in history but has never benefited from a substantial endowment and indeed suffered from substantial debt when Moulton died. However, prudent financial management, judicious loans and the generosity of succeeding generations of donors made possible a transformation of the School site over recent years. To fulfil their vision of further developing the Bursary programme, the Governors must turn to the Leysian community for help. If you are interested in supporting Bursaries at The Leys, or indeed contributing to any of our other projects, please email the Development Office or telephone us on +44 (0)1223 508927.

The Leys 2016 Donor Report

This year, for the first time, the School has produced a Donor Report.

The focus from the Development Office has shifted from traditional bricks and mortar projects to establishing an exciting and a truly transformative Bursary Programme. As the Headmaster has indicated in his report every gift to the School matters and is important to us and we recognise the value of all donations to the School.

We are extremely thankful for the generous support from the Leys supporters, whether that be through being a member of the newly created 1875 Society or through other philanthropic donations. Each donation ensures the possibility to continue to offer the brightest and most talented students the very special educational opportunities that the school has provided down the ages, including membership of a special community. The interdisciplinarity of The Leys encourages cross-fertilisation of ideas, and enhances learning as well as offering cultural, sporting and personal experiences that will last a lifetime.



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