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Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care is one of the School's main strengths. The Housemaster or Housemistress is each pupil's main point of contact, with the Assistant and Matron in support. The pupil's Tutor is an alternative point of contact, who meets regularly with the pupil to monitor progress and discuss issues which may arise. The Chaplain is similarly available to provide guidance and support.

The close-knit community of The Leys is designed to ensure that no pupil can slip through the support net - there is always someone who can listen and provide guidance to problems - no matter how small.


At The Leys, each child is allocated a tutor to oversee their academic and personal development. In Years 7 - 11 this is done on a House basis and in the Sixth Form there is an element of consultation. Tutors provide a mentoring role for pupils, acting as a sounding post to discuss any concerns - academic or otherwise - which may arise, as well as a focus for academic performance, development and attainment. The tutor provides a good link between pupils and parents and is a key contact for tracking academic development. Tutors meet their tutees on a weekly basis with allocated time in the timetable.

The Leys has a highly effective Learning Support Department which underpins pupils' academic performance as well as individual development.

The school is extremely successful in meeting its aim to ensure that care for the individual lies at the very heart of what it does. The Chaplain and tutors complement the strong pastoral care offered in houses.

ISI Report 2014


For the duration of their stay at The Leys, pupils are allocated to a House. Their Housemaster or Housemistress, who lives in the House with their family, is a familiar face during the day and evening - almost a surrogate parent while the pupil is at School. The Housemaster (or Housemistress) is on site to discuss any worries a pupil may have, be they social, health, academic or other.

At The Leys, our unique community thrives on care for the individual - there is always a listening ear and a strong sense of support and friendliness amongst both pupils and staff.

Provision for pupils with particular religious, dietary, language and cultural needs.

Relationships between staff and pupils, and amongst the pupils themselves, are excellent, with every pupil known very well by staff.

ISI Report 2014

Medical Centre

The School Medical Centre is centrally located and has a fully equipped surgery, consulting room, day room and six rooms providing ten beds.

The Medical Centre is staffed 24 hours a day by four registered nurses. The sisters run surgeries three times a day, but accidents and emergencies are dealt with immediately. The School Doctors visit the School three times a week and pupils registered with them may make an appointment at the Medical Centre. The local Hospital is the world renowned Addenbrooke's Hospital, which is under two miles away.

The School doctors are Dr Angus Stewart and Dr Caroline Lea-Cox.

The School sisters are Sister Williams, Sister Huffman, Sister Rhodes and Sister Gate assisted by Sally Paterson (Medical Centre Assistant).



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