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The Design Technology department is situated on the ground floor of the Rugg Centre, The Leys' bespoke building for design-based subjects. There are two large multimedia workshops and a design room. Extensive equipment allows for challenging projects to be made in wood, metal and plastics.

Much pupil time is spent with examination classes yet the department also supports a great deal of 'hobbies' where pupils undertake practical work outside normal curriculum time. In addition, the adjacent fully-equipped cookery room has proved very popular with pupils, both in and out of lesson time.

Years 7-9

Pupils are introduced to basic design skills and graphics techniques and undertake a variety of construction projects (using wood, metal and plastic). This includes an introduction to CAD (computer aided design), CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines and digital manufacturing (3D Printing).


The Resistant Materials Technology GCSE course offers a broad and flexible approach to the subject. It is a practical subject which requires the application of knowledge and an understanding of materials and material processing when developing ideas, producing products and evaluating them. Candidates are encouraged in their design folders to use a wide range of graphical techniques including freehand drawings, isometric and orthographic drawing, as well as Desktop Publishing, Computer Aided Design and other ICT skills.

Course content

  • The skills, processes and concepts used in designing, including some awareness of economic and business issues.
  • The use of computers in design and manufacture.
  • The use of graphics and modelling techniques as specific design tools.
  • Materials, material processes, and skills used in the construction of products.
  • The use of components, fasteners, adhesives and man-made materials.
  • Safe working practices and British Standards.
  • Industrial practices and methods of production.


In the Controlled Assessment (60%) the candidate will select, under guidance, his/her own design task. The project will be undertaken mainly in the second year of the course during class time, supplemented by private study. A detailed design folder will accompany the candidate’s product.

The remaining 40% of marks are awarded for a written exam.

A Level

The reformed specification in this subject has not yet been introduced and therefore pupils will be taking AS Level at the end of the Lower Sixth.

The course offers a broad investigation and study of the man-made world. Those studying this subject will gain an understanding of the methods used by product designers, architects and engineers in the design and development of new products and systems. They will look at the work of a number of famous designers. A study, in some detail, of the range of materials and production methods used today will be part of their studies. This subject is ideal for those with a strong interest in designing and making.

Course Content

There are 4 units in total. Units 1 and 2 make up the AS qualification. Units 3 and 4 make up the A Level qualification.

Unit 1 - Materials, Components and Application. This is a 2 hour written paper. 50% of AS and 25% of the total A Level marks. The paper is primarily based on Materials and Components.

Unit 2 - Designing and Making. A 50 hour piece of coursework forms 50% of AS and 25% of the total A Level marks. During the allocated time the candidate will prepare a design portfolio and produce a selection of manufactured outcomes.

Unit 3 - Design and Manufacture. This is a 2 hour written paper. 25% of the total marks. The paper is primarily based on Materials and Manufacture. This paper is synoptic; it examines the candidate’s knowledge of the design process, as well as that of materials and components.

Unit 4 - Designing and Making. This involves producing a 60 hour piece of coursework, worth 25% of the total marks. A single and substantial designing and making activity.

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  • Miss Natasha Hammond BA - Head of DT
  • Miss Nicola Perkins BSc - DT Teacher
  • Ms Kim Croucher - DT Technician
  • Mr Clive Holgate - DT Technician
  • Miss Emily Aveling - DT Technician



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