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The Business and Economics department is situated in the Kelvin Building. Both subjects are taught exclusively in the Sixth Form and are extremely popular.


The course focuses on decision-making in business, covering topics such as marketing, production, human resources, economics, accounting and finance. The financial area covers management of cash flows, analysis of accounts, sources of funds and investment appraisal. Throughout the course, quantitative techniques are employed such as sampling and the determination and use of price elasticises, contribution and break-even.

Course Structure

The course is examined through three modules. Examinations are assessed using data response (case study) questions, essay questions and multiple choice questions. Assessment will be more heavily weighted towards knowledge, understanding and application in modules 1 and 2, and towards analysis and evaluation in module 3.


Those choosing Business must have GCSE Mathematics and English at grade B or above.

Specification (AQA)

A LEVEL Economics (AQA)

Economics has been called the Science of Choice; choice for the individual about what to buy or what job to do, choice for the firm about what to sell and what price to set, choice for government about how to raise money and whether to spend on another hospital or more teachers. Economics is about how to analyse the consequences of different options. It is also about understanding and explaining economic events. What is meant by recession? Why was the top rate of tax reduced? Why was the EU enlarged? Should we leave the EU? What is meant by the credit crunch?

The emphasis is on the ability to apply knowledge and critical understanding of economic theory and principles to familiar and unfamiliar situations. Candidates will be expected to analyse economic problems and issues, and evaluate arguments and evidence, often from newspapers or magazines such as the Economist.

Overall, Economics teaches a variety of skills, including, most importantly, how to think, within the context of current affairs material.

Course Structure

The course contains three modules, which are: Markets and Market failure, the National and International Economy, and Economic Principles and Issues. The assessment is through data response and essay questions, although there are some multiple choice in module 3. Module 3 also has an extended writing section based on an unseen case study. There is no coursework in this subject.


Those choosing Economics must have GCSE Mathematics and English at grade B or above.

Specification (AQA)


  • Mr Peregrine Nunes-Carvalho BA - Head of Economics & Business
  • Ms Sarah-Jane McEwan BA - Economics & Business Teacher
  • Mr Richard Springall BSc MSc - Business Teacher



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