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The Leys is a Methodist foundation. The School Chapel is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus, offering pupils a restful haven from the busy demands of the school day.

It was built as a memorial to the first headmaster of The Leys, William Fiddian Moulton and was consecrated on 27 October 1906. It is a Grade II listed building.

The Chapel holds regular services during the week and on Sundays, enabling plenty of opportunity for prayer. The School Chaplain is Rev C J Meharry. He is always on site to provide a friendly ear and guidance on any matter, spiritual or otherwise, no matter how trivial. He is a popular figure amongst the pupils and is often to be found chatting with them during break periods.

Regular Worship

Pupils attend both House and school-wide services in the Chapel. Chapel takes place every Friday for Years 9-Upper Sixth and on a Thursday for Years 7-8. Sunday services, of which there are about eight per year, offer a regular opportunity for parents to join their children in spiritual celebration. Boarders and Home Boarders are expected to attend all Sunday services, whilst Day pupils go to one per term with their house. They are of course welcome to attend the other services if they wish, but this is not compulsory.


Music is an integral part of worship in the Chapel and the Chapel Choir sing at most of the services. Years 7 and 8 (Moulton House) also have their own choir. In the summer of 2014, the Chapel Choir recorded its own CD, 'Jubilate!'

Chapel Prefect

Every academic year, a member of the Upper Sixth is elected to be Chapel Prefect. Working with the School Chaplain at regular services and others such as Harvest Festival and the Service of Remembrance, the Chapel Prefect has to ensure that the Chapel is ready, with hymn books and orders of service in place, candles lit and Chapel Stewards ready. The Chapel Prefect's role also involves helping to organise the Lenten Appeal, the school’s annual charity project.

World AIMS

The Leys actively participates in WorldAIMS (Action In Methodist Schools), which is a partnership between Methodist Education and All We Can, on behalf of the Methodist Church. At present, groups of pupils are focusing their efforts tackling broad sustainability issues, through Eco-Schools, as well as promoting Fairtrade.

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