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There are several active Old Leysian Associated Organisations and Sports Clubs holding a series of sporting and other events throughout the year. If you are interested in joining in existing OL activities, please visit the individual club pages which have contact details for organisers. If you would like to suggest new activities or form a new OL society, please contact the Development Office in the first instance.

Old Leysian Associated Organisations

Leysian Mission

The Leysian Mission in the City of London was founded in 1886 and has flourished ever since. Old Leysians are always welcome to visit the Mission and to contribute to its excellent work. Full details can be found on its website.

Old Leysian Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund exists to help Old Leysians and their dependents if they run into difficulties through accident, illness, redundancy or other unforeseen hardships.

Whereas many Old Leysians are aware of this fund, there are many others who are unaware of its existence. We would encourage any old or current Leysian who is experiencing hardship to contact the secretary. Please be assured that any request for help would be received and dealt with in confidence and with discretion.

The OL Benevolent Fund relies on the support of Old Leysians and we would be pleased to hear from anyone who would be interested in helping. Any donation, large or small, would be a tremendous help. Please contact Charlie Kidman (North B 62-68), Honorary Secretary of the Old Leysian Benevolent Fund, 165 Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0DH or telephone (01223) 323956; work (01223) 352476 or by email.

Old Leysian Lodge

The Old Leysian Lodge is conveniently based just across the road from the School, in Bateman Street. It welcomes new members and OL visitors from other branches. Please contact Chris Hoffman (School 73-77), telephone 01603 737522 or by email for more information.

Old Leysian Sport

There are a number of Old Leysian Sport Societies; details on individual societies can be found below.

Because of RFU regulations, the Football Club is no longer able to stage the traditional Buchanan Memorial Match, but there is the annual OL match, Under 23s v Over 23s, as part of the September Family Day rugby, which follows the 1st XV fixture.

There are no organised OL Hockey clubs, but matches take place as follows: Girls' 1st XI v OLs at the September Family Day, and Boys' 1st XI v OLs towards the end of the Lent Term.

Old Leysian Football Club

This is the oldest Old Leysian Club, founded in 1877, only two years after the School's foundation. It is still very active, with a fixture list and matches played at the School on the Family Day in September.

In recognition of Rugby Sevens being included in future Olympic Games the OLFC has recently devoted most of its efforts to participating in a number of seven-a-side tournaments held across the South East of England. In the past there have been three hugely successful tours so as to participate in the highly prestigious Benidorm Sevens which takes place each year at the end of May. The next participation there is targeted for 2016 which is the 20th anniversary of our first appearance in the competition.

The Club also now has a reputation for its members coming together to support England in Rugby World Cups as well as the British and Irish Lions on their southern hemisphere tours. For more information please contact Ed Jessop (North A 98-05) who is the team Captain.

Old Leysian Golfing Society

We continue to provide varied opportunities throughout the year for Old Leysians to enjoy golf together. We have over twenty fixtures and several members also arrange informal matches between themselves. The Spring Meeting are mostly held in the Home Counties in May and the Autumn Meeting at the Gog Magog Golf Club in Cambridge. 

After narrowly losing to Cheltenham in the first round of the Halford Hewitt in April we then entered the Halford Hewitt Plate.   We reached the quarter finals after winning against Mill Hill and Shrewsbury, then losing to Uppingham who lost to Merchant Taylors' in the final. In the final of the Halford Hewitt Epsom beat Ampleforth.

Our Spring Meeting was held at North Hants Golf Club, Fleet, Hants, on Wednesday May 10th. A very good meeting at a new venue for us and one of the Grafton Morrish qualifying course. Chris Gotla is course manager and is known to several of us.  

In the morning Richard Chapman had another one of his steady rounds to win the Ted Morel Trophy (Medal) with 74 nett.  The Neil White Trophy (Stableford) was won by Peter Samuel with 38 points. In the afternoon the Society’s Tankards (Stableford Foursomes) were won by Roger Wood and Peter Samuel.

In the Senior Darwin (over 65) at Woking Golf Club June 13th/14h we played Eton. A close match lasting until the 17th hole, Eton then lost to Tonbridge in the final.

In the first round of the Bernard Darwin (over 55) at Woking Golf Club June 29th/30th we played Highgate, a good win for them and taking Harrow to the 18th in the next round. Although not our best team the result was decided at the 17th in a close match. Uppingham won the final against Harrow.

In the Autumn Meeting at The Gog Magog Golf Club on Thursday September 7th there was good support.  A good round by local member, Charlie Kidman, with a nett 70 and equal was Nick Dendy who lost on countback, but he won the Howard Cup Stableford with 36 points.

In the afternoon we played fourteen holes on the Wandlebury Course and the Tom Page Foursomes (Stableford) was won by Henry Blunt playing at his first attempt partnering Paul Quin.

After a very good score in the Grafton Morrish qualifying at The Gog Magogs Golf  Course in May we went on to the finals starting on Friday September 29th in Norfolk. In the first round we played Bolton at Royal West Norfok G.C. and in two well played matches we won a few holes from home. On Saturday we moved to Hunstanton G.C. to play Haileybury, they had a very good team and we did well to take the vital match to the 17th. In the final Epsom beat George Heriot's.

Officers 2018:

President:  Stuart Amey (W 53-58)

Captain:  C. S. J. Metcalf (W 58-63)

Vice Captain:  N. K. Dendy (A 83-87)

Hon. Secretary & Treasurer:  N.S. Washbourn (W 51-55)

Assistant Hon. Secretary & Treasurer: R.J. Chapman (B 63-68)

Team Manager: Nick Dendy (A 83-87)

Committee: .C.I. Cox (W 75-80), R.J. Endacott (A 55-59), J.W. Kisby (A 63-67), G.A. Macalpine (A 54-59), S.M. Peak (E 78-83) and T.N. Page (B 56-61)

New members are always very welcome, please apply to:

Nigel Washbourn, Kenilworth, 13 The Fairway, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 3DZ.

Telephone: 01923 826365   E-mail:

OLGS Fixture List 2018

The OLGS has organised the following fixtures for 2018; once again we will be playing at some of Britain's best golf courses and we would be delighted if new members were able to join us.

Please contact the Secretary, Nigel Washbourn, if you'd like to participate.

2018 Fixtures

January 10th Halford Hewitt Draw, 6.00pmEast India Club
February 7thAnnual Business Meeting, 6.15pm Ove Arup and Partners
March 9th - 11thHalford Hewitt PracticeNorfolk
April 5th - 8thHalford HewittDeal
April 26thMatch v The School, 2.00pmGog Magog
May 9thSPRING MEETINGLuffenham Heath
May 13thGrafton Morrish QualifyingGog Magog
May 24thMatch v Old Merchant Taylors', 3.00pmMoor Park
June 5th Putting Tournament, 5.00pmRoyal Wimbledon
June 14th Putting Tournament Final, 5.00pmRoyal Wimbledon
June 19th - 20th Senior Bernard Darwin (Over 65)Woking
June 15th Veteran's Bernard Darwin (Over 75)Woking
July 5th-6thBernard Darwin Trophy (Over 55)Woking
July 22thMatch v The Bar G.S, 9.15amHuntercombe
August 9thMatch v Old Fidelian Golfing Society, 2.00pmGog Magog
August 28thOld Aldenhamians and Old Millhillians, 2.00pm Porters Park
September 1st Uppley Cup (Provisional)Ilkley
September 7thAUTUMN MEETINGGog Magog
October 4th-7thGrafton Morrish Finals Hunstanton


Old Leysian Rowing Club

This is the OL Rowing Club, which is designed to raise money to support school rowing and has occasional races against the School. Please write to Simon Hames, in charge of rowing at The Leys.

Old Leysian Cricket Society

The Old Leysian Cricket Club is now one of the most active OL sports societies, playing in the Cambridgeshire leagues every Saturday throughout the Summer, along with fixtures against the school’s 1st XI and other more casual sides. We achieved promotion to Senior League 1 in 2017, and are always looking for new members of all standards to join our ranks. For more information, please email John Welch (A 93-98) at or James Houlder (S 96-01)

Old Leysian Shooting Club

The Rifle Club is not active at present, as there are insufficient younger members. If you are interested in helping it resume activities, please contact David Ludlow (North B 76-81).



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