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Combined Cadet Force (CCF)


Every Wednesday afternoon a programme of CCF is undertaken for Year 10 and Year 11. The CCF comprises Army and Navy sections, with each offering training in outdoor pursuits, leadership, practical and military skills.

Army Section

Life in the Army section is all about instilling the core values of the British Army, which are: Courage, Integrity, Respect, Discipline, Selfless Commitment and Loyalty.

This is done by developing Cadets through the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) star levels. All Cadets participate in a structured weekly programme which includes training in: - Drill, Map & Compass, Field Craft, Skill at Arms, First Aid and Self-Reliance. This training is then reinforced and developed by attendance on Field Weekends, Annual Camp and for the more senior Cadets progression through to the Senior Cadet Instructors Cadre (SCIC) and Cadet Leadership Course (CLC). 

On arrival into the Army section, usually in Year 10, pupils are classed as ‘Recruits’ until they pass through the first term of training. Following this they will receive their Royal Anglian Beret and the recognition of being called a ‘Cadet’. All Cadets are grouped into Platoons and then split into Sections; this allows the Cadets to train as a close knit team, fostering a competitive spirit, loyalty for their section members and pride, both in ‘self’ and their fellow cadets.

All Army Cadets are encouraged to further their cadet experience by being offered the opportunity to attend a whole range of camps and courses, from Leadership Development to Adventure Training. This widens the breadth of experience and gives our Cadets the chance to access opportunities which are not normally available to other school pupils. For example, deploying on exercise with 3 Royal Anglian Regiment or attending a course with the Cadet Centre for Adventure Training.



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