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Below you can see a range of wider curriculum Art activities available at The Leys, based within the Rugg Centre studios.

Ceramics & Sculpture

Clay is a very versatile raw material and it can be modelled by sculptors to form a unique object or it can be mass produced using moulds. There is a wide range of ceramic skills and technique on offer from Year 7 through to Sixth Form.

Life Drawing

There is a weekly Sixth Form life drawing class for those studying A-Level Art. This class gives pupils an excellent opportunity to further enhance their observational drawing skills and understanding of anatomy to inform their project work.


The school has a well-equipped dark room in the Rugg Centre. We run two weekly activities for pupils from Year 9 through to the Upper Sixth: traditional film-based cameras are used to teach the fundamentals of photography by local expert and former Leys parent, Mrs. Humphrey; pupils’ own digital cameras are put through their paces with Mr. Harmsworth, Head of Physics.

In the darkroom, techniques of black and white photography are studied, including the processing of films and the development of prints. A number of SLR cameras are available, complete with a wide-range of lenses and accessories, but we encourage pupils to use their own cameras if possible. This allows pupils to experiment with the art of photography in a technical way that can help explain what modern electronic cameras are doing behind all the buttons.

Pupils also have access to digital cameras, but we prefer them to use their own as familiarity and ownership are powerful tools. The activity allows pupils the chance to learn more about their own cameras and how they can be used in a variety of situations.

Many pupils have graduated from this activity as photographers for the School's magazine, The Fortnightly. Others have had pictures published in the local or national press.


There is a specialist printmaking studio which houses an etching press, silk screen facilities including photo screen developing booth, and a range of associated printmaking tools and inks. This enables pupils to experience further creative possibilities through processes which include relief printmaking (lino/wood block etc), collography, waterless lithography, dry point etching and monotype printing.



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