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Careers Department


The aims of the Careers Department are to:

  • Provide careers education as part of the PSHE programme.
  • Provide impartial careers information and guidance.
  • Encourage pupils to investigate opportunities and make informed choices appropriate to their personalities, interests and aptitudes.

Our objectives are to:

  • Complete the Morrisby Profile and interview process for at least 99% of Year 10/11 pupils and pupils joining in Year 12.
  • Provide work experience to Years 11-13 pupils whose parents elect to undertake it.
  • Complete a 1:1 careers interview for 100% Lower Sixth pupils.
  • Ensure Lower Sixth pupils attend the Careers Fair and talks.
  • Arrange at least ten lunchtime talks during the year.

There are two part-time members of the careers team and a further nine teachers deliver the Careers Education programme as part of the PSHE curriculum.

This begins in Year 10 and the programme up to Year 13 includes the nature of work, possible career interests, Morrisby profiling and follow-up interviews, help with the preparation of CVs, job applications and targeted careers events. In Year 11 all pupils are encouraged to undertake work experience and this is also encouraged and supported in the Sixth Form.


The Careers Department is situated on the first floor of the Kelvin Building with a bright and inviting library and a computer resources area (eight networked workstations and teaching screen) with seating for 12. The careers office adjoins the open plan area. The Careers Department purchases a number of on-line licences that give access to careers profiling and advice.

Morrisby Online

Parents are invited to enrol their children in the Morrisby Profile and interview process at half-term in the Summer Term of Year 10, with at least 99% take-up. The online assessment is conducted en masse in 2 lessons and the results are immediately available in the form of a personalised report and web site, to which pupils have life-time access.

At the beginning of the Autumn Term in Year 11, the pupils are interviewed twice by the same external Morrisby careers adviser. In the first interview, the findings of the assessment are discussed and pupils agree a research programme to investigate potential careers. In the second interview, these findings are discussed and any further research agreed. Pupils are grouped and allocated to individual Careers and University strand teachers by broad careers interest. This will enable selection of more appropriate case studies and activities for different interests. Pupils are encouraged to make continued use of the resources that come as part of the Morrisby Online service, to investigate different careers options and understand the educational pathways that are involved.

Careers Handbook



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