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A Leys Education is one which is built firmly on three main foundations; Academic, Pastoral and Wider Curriculum. All are of equal importance and each supports and enhances the others. The School’s Christian ethos lies at the heart of our educational philosophy.

The Leys curriculum is not just about preparation for exams. It is broad and balanced, and the social, intellectual and emotional needs of our pupils drive our educational agenda. A happy child is a successful one.

Our aim is to give pupils the confidence to fulfil their potential academically, to encourage them to work independently and collaboratively in a mutually supportive environment. The academic programme is rigorous and challenging, but pupils thrive in an atmosphere where they are encouraged to take risks and discover for themselves, an atmosphere where they are happy and where each pupil’s individual needs are recognised and provided for.

Our highly qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff know their pupils’ strengths and weaknesses and support them and help them to develop and grow in their particular areas of expertise. Relationships between the pupils and their teachers are excellent and this engenders mutual trust and respect.

Pupils follow a broad programme in the initial years and start to specialise as they enter their GCSE years and then again in the Sixth Form. We have decided to keep faith with A levels, rather than introduce the International Baccalaureate. Nearly all of our pupils go on to University.

Relationships between staff and pupils and among pupils themselves are outstanding; pupils feel able to contribute in a supportive, non-judgemental environment, and as a result are willing to try out new ideas. Throughout the school, the most able pupils achieve their potential through strategies designed to challenge them.

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